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hot mama

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: friend's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It was a Saturday night and I was supposed to go over to my friend Mark’s house and see if he was going to go down to the lakefront with me to see what what going on that evening. We hadn’t made any firm plans as to what time I’d be coming over. I went over to his house all the time and I didn’t have to even knock; I’d just walk in and go to his room. Well, that Saturday night, I waltzed into his house and called out his name but I didn’t get any response. In fact, the house was completely quiet except for the sound of some water running upstairs. I walked up the stairs to the bathroom and on the way there I had to go by his mom’s bedroom. The door was open and before I could say anything, I got an eyeful of Mark’s mother, Mona, undressing in front of her mirror. Luckily for me, her back was to me and the mirror was not pointing my way. Mona was about 37 years old then and she was a full-bodied looker! In fact, I’d had some wild fantasies about her but of course I never shared those with Mark. She was about 5 foot 5 inches tall with auburn hair. She had a nice full ass and a set of big, heavy tits that I had dreamed about seeing. My dream was about to come true! As she stood in front of the mirror (and as I became as quiet as a mouse) she had only her bra and her skirt on. The bra was black and her beautiful tits were spilling out of it; she was checking out how she looked because she was turning side to side and looking in the mirror. Of course, each turn gave me different looks at those huge creaming tits; my dick was already rock hard in my pants. Next she wriggled out of her skirt and dropped it to the floor. She had on black French-cut panties and they barely covered her big round ass; god, I wanted to grab a handful of that butt! She reached back and unsnapped her bra and those luscious boob spilled out and swayed back and forth; I was dying there in the hallway peeking into her room. She took her panties off and then turned sideways again and that gave me a breath-taking view of her large red bush; I just wanted to crawl over to her and taste that wonderful pussy; my dick was about to explode! She must’ve been thinking nasty thoughts herself because I saw her hands start massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples and I could hear the moans and groans starting. I couldn’t help it; I unzipped my pants and took my dick out and started slowly stroking it. She slipped one hand down between her legs and started stroking her hot, red slit. Now she was moaning louder and louder and the louder she got the faster I pulled on my cock. She leaned over the edger of the dresser and put one hand down for support and now that beautiful ass was fully displayed for me; those big, heavy round cheeks and the crack of her ass were so very tempting; I wanted to lick her pussy from behind while teasing her butt hole with my finger. But from the decibel level of her moaning I knew she was about to come and I knew I was about to shoot my load too. She yelled and stiffened up and all I heard was, “Oh God, Oh God; goddamn!!!” At that, I stroked my steel-hard dick a few more times and my sperm flew onto the hallway carpet. I knew it was time to get the hell out of that house but I stayed long enough for one more good look at the round, full ass staring me in the face. Then I tip-toed my may out of the house. That night kept me supplied with masturbation fantasies for a long, long time. Mona was (and still is!) one very hot mama.

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