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honey lips

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: frind's house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I learned a fun game at my gf’s house. I had gone to visit her one afternoon. We were in her room engaged in girl talk. Her brother Tad walked in and said, what are you babes up to. Just have fun talking, they both said at once.

Would you like to have some real fun, he said. My gf said, he has a beautiful cock and let’s me suck it sometimes, would you like to try. Sure I said, it might be fun.

Tad opened his fly and his beautiful 7 inch cock popped out. It was hard and throbbing up and down. My gf said, watch I’ll show you how it’s done. She kneeled down in front of him, lifted his hot member to her lips and swallowed the head. Tad groaned in pleasure and said, Sis your mouth feels so good. My gf began bobbing her head up and down on his manhood and his groans became louder. Soon the tempo was speeding up and Tad was thrusting his hips forward as my gf sucked on his cock. Suddenly, Tad grunted and said, I’m cumming Sis, swallow it all. His cock spasmed and my gf gulped and swallowed. When she was done, Tad’s cock went limp and slid out of her lips. Oh Sis, he whispered, that was so good, did you enjoy it too. Oh yes! big brother your love juice tastes so good.

My gf began to tease Tad’s shriveled cock by stroking it up and down. Soon he wad hard again and his throbbing cock was begging for attention. My gf then smiled and said, it’s your turn girl, kneel down in front of him. I shyly kneeled down in front of Tad whose throbbing cock was in front of my face. My gf said, remember what I did and repeat the act. I lifted Tad’s beautiful cock to my lips, covered the head with my lips and began sucking on it. It was soft and warm and felt wonderful. Tad began moving his hips forward and moaning with pleasure. I started bobbing my head up and down on his lovely organ and he groaned, that’s it girl, give me a good blowjob. I continued the action I had seen my gf do and soon Tad was groaning louder and pushing his hips back and forth faster and faster. Suddenly his body stiffened, he grunted and his cock spurted glob after glob of cum insto my mouth. Soon I was filled to the brim, gulped and swallowed hard. I felt Tad’s warm slimy stuff slide down my thoat and into my stomach. His cum tasted wonderful, just like honey. I kept licking and milked the remainder of his warm cum out of his cock. When i was finished, Tad’s cock went limp again and slid out of my lips. Girl you are a fast learner and did a wonderful job. Thanks baby. My gf laughed and said, didn’t I tell you it’s a lots of fun. It sure is and I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks Tad, I love your cock and your cum tastes so good.
After that when I went over to my gf’s house we skipped the girl talk and went immediately to Tad’s room to give him pleasure and get our ration of sweet cum. Later we learned how to suck on Tade’s member simultaneously and share his cum with each other.
On another occasion, my gf introduced me to be licked by her brother. She lay on the bed, spread her legs and Tad licked her pussy until she screamed and unloaded her juices into his mouth. My turn, I said, and laid down on the bed. Tad repeated what he had done to his sister and lapped at my pussy. The feeling was wonderful and i enjoyed every minute of it. When I reached climax from being eaten out by Tad, I flooded his mouth with my juices. Tad came up saying yum, yum, girlyou taste different than sis but also real good.
Tad has become my steady bf and we spend a lot of time orally satisfying each other’s pasaions. Later my gf and her brother introduced me to fucking. Tad’s cock feels so wonderful inside my cunt and the feeling of his warm cum flooding my pussy is incredible. Thanks gf & tad for teaching me to suck pleasing times.

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