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Hon fuck me…

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

We just got married and i was leaving my Parent,s home. when my husband took me to the hotel and as we enter the room i could feel my too leg die, being the firs time for us to get down with it.
He lay me down on hte bed and gently kiss me and he started to feel my brest, then finaly started to unbotton my top, but it was taken too long, so he rip it off and say baby please do not ware any more cloth as long as we are in doors. He then con’t to say i had the finest body any woman could ever have.
He then stared in to my eyes and could see that i was scared out of my pants… he then told me that he promise if it hurt he will stop, because we have the rest of our lives to fuck each other.
I give him a sign to con’t and we did i pull his shirt off and the went to his belt unzip his pants and feel his dick it cauth me off gaurd because it was 10 inch long and solid, then i felt hands on my pussy i wispered to him i am all ready for you to fuck me he said oh you are his hands reach my pants zip and he got those pants off within a wink, then i started to give him a blow job it come in my mouth like i was drinking a soda i was complete satify i wanted more but he say not before he did this he raise my too tiny leg up and wide apart then he take his tong and started to fuck me it was good his long tong into my tiny pussy,i was going while when he hammered his cock in to me i yell then he said bab it’s time for me to srew you he then jamed it a few more time into me when he carry me across the room put me on the table and slide the vase with fresh cut roses to the ground and started to fuck me again i scream to him i need you to fuck me please! BABE I AM FUCKING YOU! after that he took me back to my bed and turn me over and give it to me again then the phone rang he pickupand answer yesfew mins after a knock on the door he told them to leave it there and he fuck me alittle more and went to the door bring a tray in with ice cream,Strawberry,wiped cream and fresh cut roses he feed me the strawberry and i try feeding him the strawberry and he said he does not want strawberry he want i cream, well let me feed you the ice cream and when took the ice cream their were no spoon, he told me he order the icecream without a spoon he’s tired eating ice cream from a bowl and using spoon could i have boul he asked and i give it to him, one look at the ice crean and then he put some on my form nipple and started to lick it then he moves it finaly down to my pussy and eat it off and there is where he finish all the icecream, then he fuck me with his long tong for about 10-15 mins, hammered his long tick dick into my small pussy we made love all through the night…….
we are now marry for seven years with a child and one on the way never the less we fuck almost every night any where except our child bedroom, My home is never out of icecream…

Having sex is one thing, but fucking is another….. so fuck your partner as often as you could

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