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His Step-mom!

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well when i was 15 i had a really really good guy friend that was only a friend! I went to his house alot and we watched movies and stuff. One time i went and he wasnt home yet so i just sat in his living room and waited for him to come home from football practice! Well i was just sitting there when i heard mones coming from his parents room. I didnt know what was really going on so i(being good friends with his parents too) went and peaked into their room. I saw his step-mom totally naked with her fingers deep inside herself! She never said anything but i think that she saw mw because she started doing a little show and made it nice and graphic for me. I already had started masturbating, and even though i was still a virgin, my cherry was popped because i was real athletic back then! While i was watching her i slid my own hands down my panties and put my fingers in me! I slowly slid my fingers in and out and then got faster! When my friend got home i was so hot that i took him straight to his room and undid his belt and pulled down his pants. He was very surprised but he liked it alot because he said he always wanted it but never wanted to ask! I sucked him till he exploded all over my face and in my mouth. We just laid there for a whil together in his bed holding each other before he turned over and asked me if i wanted to have sex. I was reluctant but said ok! He put his penis in me and slowly startedthrusting in and out of me. He got faster and faster until he again blew his load, but this time it was deep inside of me! After that we fell asleep and we woke up to his step-moms voice! She was shaking me and i opened my eyes to see her. I looked over and saw that he was gone and i was alone there in his bed, still naked. She woke me up and asked me what had happened and i told her the truth. She looked down and saw the blood on the sheets and asked if it was mine. I said it was, i had bled a little bit even though i was already popped, he streched me out a little bit! She did ask if he cummed inside me and i said yes. She had me sit up and spred my legs and looked at my crotch. She gave me a pad to where so i wouldnt bleed on my clothes, helped me get dressed, and then took me home!

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