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hard dick

Where it happened: bedroom
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My first time was with my study partner Glenn. He came over to my house on da Friday night so we could study our next Health test. We had been learning about sexual subjects,and
body parts..etc. When he came I was dressed in a sundress nothing exciting but I didn’t care to wear a bra. Let me tell you this boy is so fine. He came into my room and we started crackin. I told him to read something about the female reproductive parts and then he came up to me and pointed out a picture and just started crackin up. He just layed on the bed and giggled.

“Whats so funny..huh? Its not like I dont have a pussy.”
I said to him standing at the side of the bed. He then replied.. “Oh really babe, let’s see it”.
I got really excited cause this boy is hot like fire.
[I’ll give u convo]

“I’ll show you the goods if you eat me out”

“Sure baby.”

I took off my sundress and layed on the bed and I then spread my legs.

“Oh shit babe thats a mighty fine pussy you got.”
He started licking and licking..
“Oh god Oh god..Glenn don’t stop ughhhh”

“Hurry Stacey cum cum..hurry babe cum.! God it tastes so sweet..cum baby cum!”

It felt so good. Then i reached it..and all my juices flowed rite into his face..

“Mmmm..baby can I fuck you?”

“Uhhh…do it fast and hard?”

“Of course”

He then took off his clothing and revealed his dick..HARD and BIG. It turned me on..He stuck it in..oh my god it felt so good!

“You like that bitch..you like it?”
he started pumping faster and faster

“Yes Oh god dont stop..UGH GLENN!!!!”
i repeatedly shouted UGH GLENN in pleasure.

he then came on my tiddys and my pussy was still wet.
he said “Wow babe good fuck..I hope i get an A on the test”

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