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grossed out Peg

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: boyfriend's car
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was on my second date with my boyfriend, Jay. He’d just gotten his license and was in his dad’s car. We had started making out and on this date while doing this my elbow brushed his lap and I felt his penis. It was hard feeling. As my elbow touched it, Jay let out a “Uhhh” sound. I broke from out kiss and looked in his eyes. Jay said “That felt good”. I asked him “Was that what I think it was”? Jay said “Yes. You got it like that”.

I looked down at his pants and it was easy to see. Jay ask “Want to do that again”? I said “You mean touch it”? Jay said “Yea”. I reached down and put my fingers on it. Again, Jay let out a “Ahhh” sound and again told me how good my touch feels there. He then ask “Want to see it”? I wasn’t sure what to say but was sure excited. I said “OK”. Jay dropped his pants and I got to see my first erect penis.

Jay then said “Go ahead and touch it. I know you want to”. I put my hand on it and it felt so hard and smooth feeling. Jay then put his hand over mine and said “Do this” showing me how to stroked it. I did and Jay leaned back in the seat with is head back making those ahhh sounds again and said “Please don’t stop. I need to cum”. I kept it up and in a short while Jay stiffened up, moved his hips let out a grunt as this white stuff squirted out of his penis. I saw this, turned loose of his penis yelling “What is that? It looks gross”! Jay’s penis continued to squirt this stuff several more times. When he was all done, he raised his head and said “That’s my cum”. I ask “What is it”? He again said “Cum. You’ve heard of sperm, haven’t you? Will, that’s it”. I said “That’s what it looks like”? Jay said “Yes”.

I’ve long since changed my mind about calling cum gross. In fact, I quickly grew to love the stuff and to getting it.

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