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Granny Panties

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: his family's home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I used to visit this site before I even had my first kiss, let alone my first…fuck.

I was 16 when I got my first kiss from some guy. I met A a few months later, to share my second kiss with him, before the first of many other experiences.
A and I dated for a long time, with many ups and downs. It was his face that I slobbered on first at the tennis court. He was the one who took me out to learn to ‘drive’ and instead taught me to steam the windows up during our breaks from those lessons.
Yeah, I still remember discovering my clit during dry sex in the driver’s seat of his car. I was so surprised at sensation through all those winter layers…

He was a year older, and I was a goody goody. He was not a virgin, but he liked that I was one. I’d never been TOUCHED before him. haha..

The first fuck.
We were watching Candy Man in his grandmother’s room. We’d been together just over a year, and I’d recently denounced the Catholic church after too many years of devotion. I left the Church and decided to leave my virginity behind with it:P
I was wearing this knee-length 20s-style red skirt with white polka dots on it. I have always been smaller in the chest area, but it’s a good handful. Only A could suck my tits that way, and I knew he would follow through when I would tell him to suck harder, and to bite. His hands would always roam, too, touching my body at all the right pressure points and fiddling with my nipples and clit just right.

Yeah, I could get him hard in a flash, and he could get me wet like no other.
So I was watching the movie, having only given him head for the first time a few months before. I was always horny though, and so was he. We’d cuddle and I’d grind my (ample) ass into his cock just to make sure he was always aroused. I would have it no other way;) His friends were all hanging out outside the house, waiting for him to come have a smoke. We ended up making out, as usual..We always would. His cock was always prepared and this time, I ran my fingers down it sure that it was what I wanted. I knew fingering didn’t do for me, but I really wanted to feel a true, live and throbbing cock vibrating inside of me. I was sure it would be good.
So I told him. And he asked if I was sure. I said yea (I didn’t owe the Church anymore!!!)
So he started to push it in. It didn’t hurt. I was tight, and it was a tough job, but someone had to do it.
When it was in there, I felt nothing.
And to this day, I still feel nothing when a cock is inside of me.
I dated women after him, and yea, I have dated and fucked men too, but to this day, no man can satisfy me physically the way a woman does.
I got back with A after 4yrs apart (during the dating of women)
The only reason I’m back is because I love him.
And because he really knows his shit in bed. When you love someone, somehow, intercourse becomes tolerable. And oral sex happens a lot more…

the lesbian in love with a man

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