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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

It was during the school Holidays that I first saw her, she and her family were moving in next door and I was watching while I sat on the deck soaking up the sun. When I first saw her I was totally in awe of her as she got out of the car, itÆs strange enough seeing any half decent chicks around here but when I realized she was moving in next door my heart missed a few beats thatÆs for sure. As she stood around out on the street with her parents I couldnÆt take my eyes off her. I love delicate, petite, girls and she didnÆt disappoint, but with that she wasnÆt skinny, she was well toned with beautiful curves and her perfectly rounded but not oversized breasts that filled her little T-shirt very nicely indeed. Her legs were smooth and golden brown and the wind gently blew through her scruffy sandy hair as it played over her fine feature face.
Over the holidays I quickly fell in love with Stacey and we had become quite good friends. We would hang out a lot, go to movies, parties whatever together. We were pretty much doing everything together accept what was forever on my mindàsex.
Over the next couple of weeks I saw less and less of Stacey , I donÆt know why we just didnÆt keep in touch even with us being next door neighbors.
When the weekend rolled around I had heard of a couple of parties that I thought would be cool to check out, so I thought I would give Stacey a call and see if she wanted to tag along. I picked up the phone and called her a few times but there was no answer, I had a look out the window and could make out in the bad light that there were no cars in the drive way but I could see a light on upstairs in StaceyÆs room. So I ran outside and jumped the hedge between our respective houses and knocked on the door, I waited for a little while and then gave the handle a turn, it was unlocked so I proceeded into the house. As I ambled through the house I called out ôhelloöà. ôanyone homeö, I heard no answer as I climbed the stairs making my way to StaceyÆs room. As I got closer I could hear music from StaceyÆs room, I arrived outside her door and without thinking opened it slightly, as I peered through the door way my body froze in a mixture of shock, disbelief and ecstasy as I tried to comprehend what I was watching. Stacey and another chick were getting it on, on her bed. I kept watching as StaceyÆs ass stuck out at me while she had her face enveloped between some girls legs, StaceyÆs hands were roaming over this girls body, one feverishly playing with heaving breasts and nipples while the other frantically fingered and probed a slippery swollen clit. The girls were to busy to notice me with all there grunts and groans and the load music surrounding them. I continued to watch I couldnÆt do anything else, I watched StaceyÆs lover that I now recognized from school as Amanda coming closer to orgasm as StaceyÆs face continued to mash between her legs and mouth licking and sucking her wanting pussy and clit. AmandaÆs light brown dreads thrashed about her pretty squirming face as she came thrusting her vagina against StaceyÆs face and kicking her legs wildly in the air. As Amanda relaxed again StaceyÆs head arose and she crawled on top of Amanda, as there bodies pressed they kissed passionately and I could see there tongues darting in and out while they embraced.
Still I remained in the door way frozen with my hand massaging my penis as pre cum wet my fingers. StaceyÆs pantyÆs were soaked in a mixture of cum and sweat that helped them to cling against a pussy that was still unsatisfied beneath the soaked pantyÆs. I focused on Amanda whoÆs body I found stunning as she lay naked on the bed, I always noticed she was really cute but she always covered her beautiful body in loose clothing, Her skin looked pale next to Stacey but was equally perfect, her body looked slightly heavier and her tits were big and soft with lovely little erect nipples. Her face looked so peaceful, but then in a flash her eyes were open and she sat up quickly saying ôwhat the fuckö as she covered her breasts with her hands, Stacey then spun around in a panic wiping AmandaÆs glistening cum from around her mouth, there was a long silence between us before Amanda broke the ice ô What the fuck are you doing? öà.. ôget out of here!ö, as I slowly backed away from the door way Stacey called me back ôdonÆt go yetà.e join usà..do you know Amanda?ö. I returned to the door way nodding my head still speechless, ôAmanda was telling me earlier how she liked youö, I looked over to Amanda who was now much more calm and she had a little smile on face, ôarà.umàreally?..ö I said totally nervous.
Stacey stood up off the bed with only her wet pantyÆs on and stood in front of me looking down towards my groin where my cock was bulging against my shorts. Stacey came closer and put her arms around me she kissed me hard and her tongue worked itÆs way into mine giving me a taste of Amanda. As we kissed my confidence grew and I let my hands roam around her body I started rubbing her tits ,pinching and pulling at her stiff nipples before reaching down to StaceyÆs ass, I grabbed a handful of her but in each hand and as I rubbed I pulled her hips towards me grinding me penis into her pussy through our clothes, she must of felt it because she immediately went down on her knees and opened my fly and my average sized penis stood up. She took my cock in both hands gently squeezing it and running small circles over the head with her thumb. She released one hand from my dick and cupped my balls while the other hand slowly jerked me off. As I watched her fondle with my genitalia she looked up at me with big blue eyes and licked her lips before kissing the head of my cock. Her lips took control of me sucking hard letting her tongue splash around the underside of my helmet, StaceyÆs head started bobbing backwards and forwards as she took my cock deeper and deeper into her eager wet mouth. I felt myself drawing near climax so I proceeded to fuck her mouth in the same rhythm she sucked me, I held her head into me as a shock wave of pleasure ran through my body causing me to explode cum into StaceyÆs mouth, she struggled to catch it all as she pulled hard on my cock gunning for every last drop. Her wet lips released there vice like grip on me and I watched my sperm run out the corners of her mouth.
Stacey and I turned together to find Amanda masturbating on the bed, her legs bent and spread wide, fingers rubbing on her clitoris. The view I had was excellent, I could clearly see her pussy lips being parted and fingered as it glistened in all itÆs wetness. AmandaÆs eyes gazed blankly toward me giving life back to my cock, a cock that needed cunt.
I shed off the rest of my clothes and clambered onto the bed with Amanda, I kneeled between her legs aiming my penis to her opening, Amanda complied by widening her legs and guiding my meat to the opening of her cunt. Before I had a chance to enter Stacey grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me back ôitÆs my turn nowö she said. As I lay back on the bed I watched Stacey stand above me slowly peeling off her sweet stinking pantyÆs and for the first time I saw what had been controlling my fantasies for weeks a gorgeous specimen , neatly trimmed blonde hairs that resembled an arrow guiding me to a pussy that was irresistible, shinning in the wetness her clit poked out of itÆs hood accompanied by cunt lips that were slightly parted giving me a glimpse of her love hole. The smell of her sex was making my head spin and my cock was aching with expectancy.
Slowly Stacey lowered herself to her knees straddling me her cunt was only millimeters from my dick, I placed my hands on her hips and guided her onto my manhood and as I slipped into her the overwhelming warmth and soft wet texture of her pussy was incredible. She sat still on my penis for a while before slowly moving up and down on my cock her vaginal muscles squeezing my dick in a slow rhythm, milking the cum from my balls, I glanced down at her pussy running over my cock and watched the way her lips slipped over my shaft as we pumped in and out. All of a sudden Amanda wanted in on the action and before I knew it our lips were locked together and her tongue was lashing around my mouth. She lent over me and I took her tit in my mouth and sucked wildly before my fingers found there way to her pussy, I finger fucked her as fast as I could, she was out of control with excitement as she to straddled me only this time my face. I had no choice but to eat her out as her cunt rubbed into my face her pussy juices covered me and her smell was intoxicating.
StaceyÆs incredible fuck had taken itÆs toll on me and I blew my load into her hot cunt, I struggled for a breath with Amanda forcing her pussy on me and I eventually pushed her off leaving us all spent lying on the bed. I managed to flick the radio off and fall asleep between AmandaÆs legs.
That morning was mostly spent cleaning up cum stains from StaceyÆs bed before her parents got home from there night out.
We never got together as a threesome again but me and Stacey now live together and have a awesome fuck life.

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