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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Camping
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I know that I may have been a little young for my first time, but I have always looked a lot older than I really am. By the time I was 14 I already had a well developed 36-24-36 figure and although not confident in my looks, was told many times that I was beautiful.

I had been curious about sex for quite some time, and had been touching myself in private and fantasising on a regular basis.

I was on the school netball team and we had gone on an away match that would also involve an overnight stay on a local camping site. During the match there was a good few spectators watching us. There was a man there who had caught my eye, and it would certainly seem that I had caught his. I knew that I looked good in my close white top and short sports skirt, but I didn’t think much more about it until later.

That night after the team had our supper, I discovered this same man in the refreshments tent, as it turned out he was working there part time while going to college. He was so good looking, tall with a toned, tanned body and georgous eyes. We got to talking and found out that we got on quite well, he eventually asked my age. I lied and said that I was seventeen. He was 19. We left for a walk outside.

When he kissed me my heart jumped. I had never even been kissed properly before. At first I was a little frightened, but then once I stopped trembling I started to enjoy this wonderful sensation. His hands reached up to my breasts and started to stroke them, really gently. He asked was I O.K. and I admitted that I was nervous as I had never even touched a man before. He started to talk to me, all the while holding me and stroking me through my clothes. My body felt like it had never felt before. Although scared, I didn’t want him to stop. As his hands slipped up my skirt, my pussy started to ache, I placed my hands on top of his hand and guided them to that special place that until then had never been touched by anyone but myself.

I had never known such boldness, I showed him without any shame how I wanted him to touch me. I could feel his hard on against my stomach and touched him through his jeans, doing the things that I had so often thought about. He guided my head towards his hard cock and I released him from his trousers and started to stroke him. There was a small amount of liquid coming from the eye of his cock. It was huge, I couldn’t help it, I had to lick this marvel. As I licked and sucked his moans turned me on more. I peeled off my clothes down to my panties. I could feel my pussy throbbling and as I touched myself I begged him to touch me.

He stood in front of me and I bent over and removed the panties, he lifted me onto the bench that was behind me, his lips encircled the moist lips of my pussy while his hands caressed the rest of my body, I never wanted this to stop. I loved watching him eating me.

Suddenly he stood up, his cock was huge, I held it tight against me and started stroking him against my moist pussy, waves of joy were flicking all over me, just as I was about to climax, he looked right at me and placed his swollen cock against the opening of my pussy and started to move against me. It was painful, but the feeling of his cock streching my pussy felt so new, so good. I continued to push my pussy against him, my legs were wrapped around his hips and as he thrusted himself inside me I pushed myself against him. So good. I thought that this was it, boy was I wrong.

He flipped me over so that my hands were against that bench and my wet pussy was facing him, he forced my knees a little wider, then went down on me again, I have never since felt my back arch like that with the spasms that went through my body. He could see what this was doing to me and while I touched him he slipped back inside me, this time really fucking me, with every deep thrust there was a wave of pain, of my pussy being streched to accomodate him, but more than this, I wanted this, I wanted him deep inside me.

As I started to feel his cock swelling even further, I stroked his balls, I felt him cumming deep inside me, I came in one huge wave, starting from my feet and ending at my fingers. It must have contined for ages. I could feel his cum and mine covering my already wet pussy. I still had his cock inside me.

He held me close and whispered wonderful things to me and we stayed with him still deep inside me for a long time before he cleaned up the small amount of blood and took me back to the camp.

We kept in touch for a while and visited each other, until he found out my real age. It nearly broke my heart when he said that he didn’t want to make love to me anymore.

Eamonn, if you read this, I want to thank you for making my first time one of the most wonderful, memorable and remarkable experiences that a woman can ever hope to have.

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