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Getting Laid

Where it happened: her bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Suzie and I were real good friends and would always hang out together. We were both sophomores and went to the same high school. Suzie was a cute blonde with shoulder-length hair, petite and had a body to die for. Anyways, we were in her bedroom one day after school when nobody else was home. We started talking about stuff and the conversation turned to the topic of sex. We started asking each other about stuff that we had done with other people, how far we had gotten, etc. Anyways, it turned out that tho we had done some stuff, we were both virgins. As we continued talk, Suzi suddenly grabbed me and gave me a deep kiss (tongue and all!). I was a bit surprised, but I went along and kissed her back real deeply. This went on for a bit and then we started to really make out. We were feeling each other up, kissing and rubbing each other. Things got hotter and she took off her shirt and shorts, having only a bra and panties on. I got out of my shirt and pants and just had my boxers on. Eventually, we were on her bed with Suzie on her back and me on top of her, making out pretty heavy. I somehow got her bra off and started sucking, licking and kissing one of her breasts while rubbing her other one. This really turned her on and she started to get real horny. At this point, I still had my boxers on and Suzie had only her panties on. Pushing aside her panties, my hands started towards her pussy hole and I started rubbing the outer lips. She started to moan softly and opened her legs a bit wider. I was stroking her slit and trying to get a finger inside her. Of course, she was a virgin so she was real tight. I sort of knew where her clit was and was stroking it, while probing deeper into her slit. While i was kissing her and doing this, she was getting real wet and opened her legs a bit wider, which allowed me to get a couple of fingers in her. I quickly got out of my boxers. I was really hard at this point and wanted to fuck her so bad! I got her panties off and got between her legs and had the tip of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I guess she could sense it, because she said that we couldn’t go that far since she was a virgin. But I wasn’t about to give up that easily since I was all worked up and ready to fuck! Anyways, I just kept rubbing my cock along her slit, but not putting it inside. Ok, so we’re making out hot and heavy, with me on top of her and between her open legs, and I rubbing my cock along her slit while fingering her with one of my hands. This goes on for a little while. At this point, I’m so ready to fuck Suzie and she is so wet at her pussy hole. Again, I position the head of my cock at her cunt and pushed it in a bit. Suzy felt this and pulled back a little. We continue to kiss and I again try to put the tip of my cock into her. This time, she doesn’t pull back =). In fact, she opens her legs a little wider! Her pussy lips began to close around the head of my cock. I figured here was my chance! Before Suzi could say anything, I held her shoulders down and with one quick thrust, I pushed my cock up and into her pussy…I was all the way up into her with my nuts flushed up against her! I can’t tell you the feeling of having your cock going into a tight pussy for the first time…you guys know what I’m talking about! It was absolutely amazing =). Suzie cried out, but I let her pussy get used to my cock before doing anything else. I was hard as a rock and now my cock had fully penetrated Suzie and was deep inside her pussy! After a little while, I started to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy. I looked down and could see my blood-covered cock sliding in and out of her pussy, which was a real turn-on for me. Suzy starts to push back moving in rhythm to my thrusts. It felt great and Suzy started getting into it as well! Pretty soon, she started to shake/tremble as she let out a loud satisfied cry. All this time, I had been trying to pace myself and not shoot off too quickly, but it was really hard not to. Anyways, after she came, I started to thrust real hard and deep into Suzie. We were both sweating at this point and i was really driving into her pussy. Soon enough, I could feel that i was going to shoot. I pushed into Suzie’s pussy as far as I could go and I ended up nutting a ton of cum into her. About 3 big squirts of cum. As I withdrew my cock, it was slick with cum, Suzie’s juices, and blood from her busted cherry. Cum and blood were oozing out of her pussy hole. Afterwards, we cuddled up, talked a little bit and then fucked a second time! After our second fuck, there were two loads worth of cum oozing out of her pussy…it was sort of gross, but at the same time made me feel good since I had done that to Suzy! The next day, my friends somehow knew that I had gotten laid, even though I didn’t tell anybody. Maybe it got around because Suzy told one of her friends!? I continued to fuck Suzie for two years after that!

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