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Gadis Jepun

Age when it happend: 30++
Where it happened: Langkawi & Kl
Langauge: malay
Sex: Male
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Story ni happen when i was working as a flying crew. Dalam perjalanan ke langkawi last flight. Tak ramai dalam flight so lepas cabin crew settle kan service lampu di malapkan . . so i make my rounds dari depan sampai belakang. . . i saw this young girl sitting with her eyes running . . so i ask her why . . dia kata dia ketinggalan bag semasa transit kat singapore so she stayed back for her bag and ask her friends pegi dulu and she dont know where her friends are staying . . so as a gentleman i left my hp no and where im staying that nite. By 2am im in my room ready to doze off. . . tiba2 my room phone rings. . terkejut gile . . when the hotel staff cakap ada gadis jepun menangis teresak2 nak jumpa… i went to the lobby and ask her to join me . . . she didnt say a word and followed me . Lepas mandi and a cup of tea i ask to sleep on the bed while i sleep on the sofa…dia kata the bed is king size so we both can share together… so i jump on the bed and turn the otherside…lupa lak nak wish goodnite so i turn back suddently her head is no longer there!!!!…she slips into the blanket and climb up in between my leg….nak jadi kan cerita dia bj my batang….uuuuuhhhh!!!!! she’s damm good…for a japanese girl she surprise me…..she licks my balls and dick and when it feels like im comming she stops…and she smiles…wow!!!! mana bole tahan… i turn her around and lick her nipples yang pink tuu…jilat2 and jilat sambil meramas her breast yang putih melepak tu…lepas hampir lebam niple di gigit…i start lick her down to her belly button…memang best bersih and putih giler…anak2 urat pun bole nampak perh!!!!!…..bila sampai kat celah kaki dia kangkangkan lebih sikit…biasalah gadis jepun ni kecik molek orang nya…to my surprise again her pussy are clean shaven….batang ku dah tak keruan di buat nya…her pussy are very wet and pink in colour tooo……mak datok lidah ku jilat habis pussy dia ….suara gadis jepun yang mengerang kesedapan dan terangkat2 her back dan terlentik tubuh gadis jepun ni menbuat aku lebih ganas…kelentik yang amat mengiurkan….lebih 10 minit menjilat dia berdengus im comminggggggggggg… i didnt slow down and keep on licking and sucking her pussy till came and burst her come on my face and i lick it with pleasure…memang rasa macam porn jepun dia terkulai layu…but then dia senyum and said fuck me…i want to be fuck by a malay cock..i climb on her body and masuk kan batang yang berdenyut ni kedalam mulut dia yang kecil tuuu….tercungap2 dia di buatnya….i took it out from her mouth and and starts kissing her breast again…dia berdengus balik kesedapan….dia kangkangkan kaki dia agar mudah untuk batang ku sumbat dalam lubang pussy dia yang kemerahan,cukup basah and kembang kuncup dahagakan batang ku ini…i just gosokan kepala batang ni ke lurah pussy dia agar lebih banyak air keluar….perlahan aku masukkan kedalam pussy jepun ni….memang ketat and kemut sungguh…batang aku bagai di sedut oleh pussy jepun ini…i keep on humping her slowly and deep…until she comes again and again…..batang ku dah tah tertahan lagi…aku terus menyodok pussy dia… when i feel like comming she hugs me with her leg and wants me to come inside her….she screams…i want your juice inside me!!! come inside me!!!!i want your love in me pleaaaaaaasssssseeeee!!!!!!!!!……mana bole tahan beb…bila dah nak pancut i just pust it as deep as i can till she screams aaaaarrgggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!….i burst inside her so much till i cant stand any more….and lie by her side till morning…..What a superb sex experience ….till now i still remember how great it was!!!

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