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For Real

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: elevator
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

So I’m on the elevator up to see my dad because it’s my birhtday right. I get in the elevator and their is an extremely gorgeous babe in their. She looked about 20 or so. She was about my height, full breats, and was wearing a shirt that was showing off hella cleavage. I got in and pressed my floor and we started moving. after about 15 seonds, the elevator stops and starts to grind and make noises. It was stuck. Their was a phone in the elevator, so the woman picked it up and asked what the problem was. They said it was no big deal and that they would have a repair man up their in about 10 minutes. Meanwhle, I couldn’t take my eyes off the the womans cleavage. She caught me lookn and said, “what.” I ooked down and said nothing. she said ” dp you like what you see.” I shook my head yes. Then she walked over to me and started to caress me and my crotch. I quickly developed a chub and she noticed. She said ” Oh my, are we excited?” I said ” What did you expect when you rub m dick like that?” She then smiled and started to take my clothes off. She then got on her knees in front of my now exposed cock and started to rub me. She kept teasing me by petending to put her mouth around my dick, and at the last second, pull away. I finally got fed up. I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabed her by the hair and forced my cock into her mouth. I then let go and she finally got the idea. She went crazy on me. It was everything i had imagined a blowjob to be. Once my dick was nice and lubed up, she began to strip in front of me. My cock was growing harder by the second. Oncw naked, she ordered me to lay down and she stratled my cock. It slid in with ease. She was obviously no rookie when it came to sex. She began to yell and moan wildly. Just as i was about to cum, We both heard a loud bang. It was the repair man on the top of the elevator. He unlatched a panel in the ceiling and peeked through at our naked bodies. When i saw hs face, I realized that it wsn’t a repar man, but a repair WOMAN!!! A nice lookin one at that. She said ” Sweet sassy molassy!!” Me and the woman were both embarresed, especially her, because she was just caught fucking a 15 year old boy. The repair woman droped in and said” Mind if i join ya.” I was amazed. I looked at the woman and she looked at me. Then she looked at the repair woman and said” Always room for one more.” I was so excited when the repair woman got naked right away and sat on my face and said” Eat me boy” I did and the other woman began to ride my cock again. I ate the repair woman and within a matter of minutes, she came all over my face. She was trembling in exctment and yelling uncontrollably. I licked up her juices and then she knelt down to lick some of her cum off my cheeks. The other woman took a while to get an orgasm out of her. We are sat up and tried a nw position. The two girls performed a 6 position on the floor. I knelt down behind the one that was on top ( Which was the cleavage chick ) I began to poke at her pussy with my dick until if slid in. I was able to fuck her harder this way. I grabbed her shoulders and pumped her full of cock. Occationally I would pull out and let the the repair woman suck on it since i was stratling her face. I finally got the Cleavage woman to orgasm. Her cum dripped all over the repair womans face. I was about to cum myself. I pulled ut and stood up. The women kneeled down in front of me. I shot my loaded all over their lips and chins. They icked it all up. The elevator started to move now, so we quickly got dressed before the doors opened. We managed to do so and left to go ou separete ways. THAT WILL CERTAINLY BE A B-DAY PRESENT TO REMEMBER FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!

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