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Fondling in Public

Where it happened: Bar
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

A group of us went out after work to a bar and were sitting around getting drunk. The most gorgeous girl was sitting next to me and I bought her a few drinks. Then she asked me to get her some cigarettes. She lit one and blew the smoke my way in the most sexy way. Before I knew it her hand was under the table fondling my cock. She just sat there smoking as if nothing was going on and she was squeezing my balls and rubbing my cock like crazy. Another girl saw what was going on and starting giggling and pointing. I was embarrassed and got up to leave. The first girl got up with me and we went out to my car. She pulled down my pants and shoved my cock right down her throat. I didn’t last a minute and she got cum all over her hair and dress. She lit another cigarette and dove under her dress to eat her pussy. The next thing you know she was screaming for me to fuck her. I put my cock up to her pussy lips and pushed it in. It was great. It was everything I imagined. When we were done we went back into the bar and all the other people knew immediately what we had done. We drank and smoked for the rest of the night and then I went home with her and fucked the rest of the night. What a way to go.

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