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First time with tabby

Age when it happend: 11
Where it happened: My Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

Well, my first time was with my sisters friend Tabitha. I was in the sixth grade, and she was a Freshman in high school. My sister had a sleep over one night, and i had always had a thing for tabby. Whenever i would masturbate, I was thinking of her. She was 5’2″, 34 c breasts, and an ass that made me cum just thinking about it. My sisters friends always liked me because i was just a cute little “innocent” kid that was always telling jokes and didnt mind listening to there opinions on the little things, but i knew none of them would ever fuck me. It gets to be around midnight, so i decide to go to my room. Most of the girls where all crowded on my sisters floor, asleep already, but when i got to my room my heart skipped a beat. I forgot that i was supposed to sleep on the couch that night. Lying on my bed, with her breasts exsposed, was tabitha. I was instantly hard. Since my origional plan was to masturbate before i slept i thought this would be better than just thinking about her, because i could cum on her face or tits when i was done. So i pulled my throbbing cock out of my boxers and started beating it, but that wasnt enough for me, i had to try and fondle her tits. I touched them gently at first, they were so soft, after a while i squeezed harder and harder until she let out a soft moan. I stopped touching her, but it was to late, she opened her eyes to see me there, my cock out and breast exsposed for all to see. Then she did something that i never wouldve thought would happen. She smiled and said ‘You know, if you wanted some fun, you couldve just asked me.’ At this she reaches out and starts stroking my dick. After awhile i came into her hand, it was the best thing i had ever expierienced. She licked all my hot cum off her hand and asked me if i wanted to see what the rest of her looked like under the blanket. I agreed and she lifted the cover to give me the first glimpse of a pussy i had ever seen, freshly shaven. She saw that i was hard again and asked if i wanted to have sex. I agreed and started to move my hips toward hers, but she stopped me and said i had to lick her first. Not knowing what she meant i licked her face. After she giggled at me she told me what she had wanted me to do, so i did it. She was so sweet and warm. It was the best pussy i have ever tasted, even to this day. After a while her breathing got deep and she came, i asked her when i would get to fuck her, and she said that i could do it whenever i wanted to. I repositioned her so her knees were up by her breast and she was flat on her back. I slowly slid myself inside of her until my five inch (its larger now) penis was all the way inside her. I slid in and out, in and out for about seven minutes before i came inside of her. We layed in my bed for awhile after that, just talking, and the second i got hard we did it again. We fucked and fucked until 5am, when we heard someone in the shower. I went out and layed on the couch, making it look like i was there all along. Me and Tabby have only been together for one night since then, but she is the best woman ive ever had….

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