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First Time Cheating

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Neighbor's apartment
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

The first time I cheated on my girlfriend occured just 6 months ago. We shared an apartment and worked different hours from each other. Across the hall lived this older woman named Veronica. She was in her late twenties and lived in her apartment alone.

On this one morning, my girlfriend was at work and I went to the poll to take a dip. When I got to the pool, I ran into Veronica. She too was there swimming. She was wearing this little bikini swim suit and she looked so good I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Before long, it got to me and I ended up with a hard on. My tight swim suit could not conceal it and Veronica saw it. She pointed at it and smiled at me. I just told her I was sorry and couldn’t help it. She laughed and ask if she had anything to do with it. I answered she had everything to do with it. She ask if she was to blame she’ll be glad to take care of it for me. I ask her what she meant and she said let’s go to my apartment and I’ll show you what I mean.

I followed her back to her apartment. We went in and she motioned me to her bed room. We went in and Veronica went to slowly taking off her bikini right in front of me. When she was naked she said don’t just stand there. Come and get it. I quickly dropped my swim suit and walked up to her. We kissed and she pulled down on the bed. We continued to kiss and then she rolled over on top of me with her legs spread wide open. She reached down between her legs and guided my cock to her pussy. She came down on my as my cock slid deep into her warm wet soft pussy. She rocked back and forth on top of me. I also went to thrusting in her as I ran my hands over her wonderful feeling ass. When it hit, I pulled her ass towards me as I went to shoot my cum deep inside her pussy. She had a fantastic feeling body and pussy.

She and I continued to see each other behind my girlfriend’s back. Then, one day several weeks ago, my girlfriend caught me coming out of Veronica’s apartment. I had shorts on and I had left a wet cum stain on the front. My girlfriend knew what I had been doing inside her apartment and she had to proof. She then moved out. At least I’ve still got Veronica to take care of me when I’m in need of some pussy.

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