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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Roof top
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Hi, i m yee leon.
This is the story that happened to me when i just reach 18 of age.It is just like a wonderful dream that ever happend to me in this whole freaking world.I’m just a young man who had my puberty abit slower than all my friend.I had to agree that i m jealous with all my friend that had long torchlight when they are 16 and i still have a tiny one even after i reach 18.Luckily the god is on my side,i manage to date with a pretty plump girl through a university friend.From then i started to have my dignity as a man.I manage to make all my pals jealous with my girlfriend.They say i m the most luckiest male species ever exist on earth to get a girlfriend who is double of my size .Honestly i m a damn fit person with just 100kg of my weight.
It happened when i was stargazing at the roof of my house .It was quite a horny nite for me because i just had a wonderful peep at my neighbours having sex.It turns me on and i had to go up to the roof top to cool down my self.It was a wonderful suprise for me to know that my girldfriend was in my room because my mom had let her in.I invited her to the roof to enjoy the nite and from there our passionate first time had begun.I get turned on from her when her strong body odour reached my nostril.Holy freak! On the spot i had my immediate erection.Till then i never realise that the length of my cock had boosted up to the maximum size and performance.I never knew that all this while my cock had grown into roughly 1.5 inches longer then usual.When my girlfriend saw it,she started to get turned on too!I started to caress her big junky lap up to her high cholestrol pussy.To all guys.Believe it or not she is as wet as the swamp behind my house.It never got dry even i lick her for half an hour.From there i had the most wonderful taste i ever tasted.It is better than ajinomoto and smellier than DURIAN.She screamed her lungs out of her when i do my tongue twister trick as what my friend taught me.
We have a very brutal 6 round non stop sex.The most interesting session in our sex is when we were sixty nining.I ate her cunt with my full appetite without noticing that she don’t really hav a CLEAN ass.I don’t mind that because at that moment she really did her best by sucking my tiny knob like a 300watt vacuum cleaner. The next thing you know we were both naked rolling around on the roof of my house. Luckily for the both of us my parents were out for the nite. We had the whole house to ourselves and the whole nite to ourselves as well. We decided to get inside after a while as she was complaining about the weather getting cold. I carried her all the way downstairs to the couch and i almost broke my arms doing that.She was that fucking fat I tell you.She wanted to please me for being considerate and so she took the initiative to squeeze my dick between her breasts to make me feel good.When I ejaculated,it shot straight into her nose and she almost suffocated from it.From that day onwards I never saw her again and I heard from friends that she has migrated with her family to some distant country.I miss her.I miss the smell of her armpits and her dirty ass.How I wish I could be with her each and every nite.Oh Ling Long I miss you very much and I hope that you can find it in your heart to love me coz I love you very very much.

Peace man.

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