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fater, son fun

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Well for my first time I was babysitting for some friends, like I normaly do, but this day was special little did I know that the old boy I was sitting had a plan. I normaly put him to bed and take a nap myself:00 and I did today but as soon as I went to sleep the little boy lets call him Scott sneeked out of his room. I was a very heavy sleeper and as soon as he sneeked out he came up to me and well he took out his 5in cock and well started rubing it. Me being a very heavy sleeper still dident wake. well I gess he took this as a sign and well took of my jeans. well I still dident wake up and well he just took his cock and scott just stuck it in my pussy and started thrusting slowly. I was still asleep and aparently haveing a dream about scotts dad Jim, Jim was a well built male of 35 and as sexy of a man as I have ever seen. Scott took after his dad and well as I was having a dream about scotts dad he was fucking me. and as he started to go harder I still dident wake up and he just kept on going and going harder and harder entill He cummed in me by now I was panting and groning and I woke up as he came. I was so pissed off that I was going to kill him but I hade a better idea I started to comfert him and all of that stuff to seduce a old boy and soon he was hard and as I took his throbing 5in cock I placed it it my mouth and started to give a blow job to the lkittle sneek. as he came twords an orgasim I stoped I Dressed and I put him to bed quickly and to him painfully and I would not klet him jack off ether I figered I he wanted It so bad he should wait a little insted of takeing it. well by then his parents came home and scotts mom passed out on the couch as she usualy does and I talked to Jim for a little bit he was drunk to and he also wanted so pussy. but he also liked to take so he just pushed me down sto the floor and entered my pussy and started pumping I told him to stop but he was so strong and so big that I was about to cum when Scott came out and said why does he get some and not me. and Jim said well get some vasaline and get behind her son. at this I protested more and all I got from it was a strip of tape over my mouth and a cock in both ends and as both the dad and the son raped me I started to enjoy it a little for nether one had a package worth mention 5 and 6 thats allwell as they got a rethem go ing I got more in to it and they could tell so they released me and we started fucking with each other and I had countless orgasims with father and son dicks in me and you now what some times scotts friends whould want the same from me that he got and now I am the town whore/babysitter and damm proud of it.

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