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Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

ok, before i start i just want to say i like to, lets see, experiment.  I love guys, they are soooo much fun, and cute.  Ok so here I go.  One night i was having a sleep over with my friend sarah.  Now, before a girl goes to bed they have to take off their bras, well at least me and my friends do, so i’ve seen all my friends with their shirts off.  Well one night, it was the first time my friend sarah ever slept over.  Both our parents were out to dinner that night, so we had the house to ourselves.  We were both getting ready to go to bed, you know the whole deal, brush our teeth, brush our hair, annnnnnnd…take off our bras.  Sarah is a tall blonde, has a c cup and is beautiful.  Well, we both decided to “experiment”.  We first started to kiss.  Boy o Boy!! She is suuuuuch a good kisser!! I dont know about Sarah, but i was getting really turned on. I was soooo wet!! After making out for awhile, we both took our shirts off. We grabbed eachother, and sucked on eachothers breasts. It felt awesome. Sarah does this really cool thing with her tongue and…lets just say my panties were gettin reallllll wet!! Later, i took a swing at it, and gave her my best shot. She seemed to like it. Now, neither of us had ever been past 2nd base, but OOO it was feeling soooooo good. So, we decided to keep going. I took her panties off, and just like me, her panties were pretty wet too. I started by sticking my finger in her pussy. She started to cum, so i decided it was then time to eat her out. She tasted kinda sour, but otherwise it was good. Then she started to cum ALOT!! She was screaming my name and saying “O MORE!!!!” By that time, it was my turn. She ate me out like there was no tomorrow. I was cumming all over my bed. By then it was wet with both my cum and Sarah’s cum. After we finished we decided to go into the kitchen and eat something other then eachother. All of the sudden there was a phone ring. It was my friend Bobby, and his friend Jack. Sarah and I started to get bored, so we asked them over….and to bring condoms!! By the time they got there, we were so ancy, we told them not to do anything fancy, but to just fuck us. I dont think that they were too dissapointed with that though. I mean, Sarah and i were already loose enough. When they stuck it in us, it kinda hurt a little, not exactly what i expected, but after awhile, it started to feel good. Bobby started to ride me like a school bus, and jack was stuffing Sarah like a Thanksgiving turkey. Once they were done, they left Sarah and me lying on the bed beaten. We decided to go to sleep before my parents got home. That morning when we went into the kitchen for breakfast, my parents asked us how the night was. We just smiled at eachother and said, “It was good”.

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