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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

So my sis an bro in law used to live with us and I’m really close to my bro in law (ima call him my bro because its easier). So anyways my bro, Mike and I (he was like 24 at the time)were close and we talked alot about sex and stuff. He’d seen me in my underwear and admitted that he was attracted to me, as a girl of course, but he’d never do anything. I’d always had a crush on him too even though he married my sister. One time when he and I were swimming in the pool and I was talking about masturbation he had a hard-on and I saw it thru his swimming trunks. It made me so horney that that I came twice that night just thinking about it.
Anyways a few days later it was just me and him alone in the house and we were watching TV as we often did on the couch. I was in shorts and a tank top (i’m 5’3, 110 pounds, short blonde hair and nice C cups) and he and I ended up wrestling for some reason. We’ve done it before but this time I was really horny for some reason. We were wrestling on the couch and my leg brushed his crotch and he was so hard! I called him out on it (not the first time I’ve seen that, and he knew it) and he laughed, apologizing. I said it was ok and that I was gonna still win, making him keep wrestling. I was really really horny and wet.. i could feel my pussy gushing and my panties soaking. I made a joke about the wrestling being rape-prevention training or something and we laughed, but I ended up underneath him, legs apart and his hard cock was up against my pussy (clothed tho). He was like “oh wow, sorry” and I said its ok. He said “well i guess if this were rape, just won. you’re all done now and I gotcha”. I said “no, you didn’t win yet” and he’s like “how? I have you pinned”. For some reason I laughed and said “my pants are still on”. He half-jokingly said “i can fix that” but didnt do anything until i said “yeah, right! i bet!” and dared him to try.
I saw him get really red and then it all happened. He lay one arm across my chest and pinned my arms down with it and with his other arm he reached down and ripped my shorts down to my knees. My panties went down a bit too and I could feel them loose, they were now only an inch above my throbbing pussy. Suddenly I could smell my pussy and I knew he could too. It was strong and sweet. I couldnt believe I had my bro in law on top of me like this, it was great! But i was shaking now from horniness and nervousness. So was he. He couldnt say anything but just looked at me and I did the only thing i could do. I smiled. That was it. He reached down and ripped my panties down exposing my shaved pussy. I was so wet and was getting wetter by the second becuase he was looking right it! MY legs were spread and everything. Immedieately he pulled down his shorts and for the first time I saw his massive hard dick with its purple head. I though oh no, this is gonna hurt! I’d told him before ( dont know why) about how my pussy is really tight, so tight doctors even had concern. Suddenly i felt his hard dick up against my pussy. The head slid right to the opening of my vagina and stood there for a second. I could almost see my throbbing clit too. I just screamed “DO IT” and he did. He pushed his dick right into me. Right into my virgin pussy. Wetness. Hardness. Pulsing. He went all the way in. I screamed. He didnt stop. He went all in and even touched the back. I remember feeling almost like a tearing down there. I was panting. Huffing. He started fucking me. Slowly, then faster and faster. I was moaning and huffing at the same time, then i was just moaning. It hurt was it was feeling really good at the same time too. It got better and better and then my body just siezed up. Everything tensed. i grabbed him and put my fingernails thru this shirt on his back. I felt my pussy squeeze his cock so hard he couldnt move. I was shaking and cuming, and i kept cuming. Then I felt him. His cock inside me pulsed and i felt all this warmth spill out deep inside of me. My pussy let go and he started fucking me again. Within a minute I was cumming again, even harder. When it was over he was so scared but i promised nobody would find out, and nobody ever did. In fact, the next day he ate me out and I came hard then too. We’ve had sex many times since then, and each time because I’m tight and he’s bigit hurts at first, but then its great. Another time I got one of my friends involved and I’ll tell you next time about that!

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