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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: School
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, I was at school sophmore year. I had this guy that I liked that was on a few of my sports teams and one of my classes. It was after a hard track practice and i was really tired. I hadnt gotten my license yet and I had to wait on my mom to pick me up. So did the guy that i liked. We were sitting in the gym and we were the only ones left. We started to talk and stuff and he told me that he had liked me for some time. I WAS SHOCKED!!! I told him that I had liked him too. We went behind the bleachers and started to make out. It was very passionate!!! Next thing i knew he had his hand up my shirt and was starting to take off my bra. I told him to wait a second until we got some place more private. We went to the girls locker room because it had a couch. He started to take off my sports bra. I knew I had to do something too so i yanked off him athletic shorts and i saw his huge penis. (This was the first time I had seen a penis outside of when I was babysitting my neighbor and i had to change his diaper.) He started to rub his hard penis on my body along my legs and thighs. It ran along my body so easy because I was still sweaty from the running. Then I grapped his cock and tryed to get it into my pussy. It was so big that it took a couple trys to get it into my pussy. It felt so good!!! He started to hump me like there was no tomorrow. We fell on to the floor and started to roll around our sweat mixing together on my body. Then he pulled his cock out of my now wet vagina and started to have breast sex with me. My breasts weren’t huge….but the werent small either. They were about a 32C. He rubbed his penis between my sweaty breasts. THen as i was watching his cock suddenly he spat sperm all over my face, some even got into my mouth. I could taste the sweet cum in my mouth. We were about to give each other oral when we heard the janitor outside the door. We got up off the ground and ran into the shower. He was in to clean up the locker room. We were hiding in the stall we kind of continued to have vaginal sex. I was starting to moan though and we had to stop. We could hear the janitor walking around and heard him say “What is this?” It was our clothes. He knew that when he saw the guys clothes someone was still there. We heard him walking around the bathroom. I heard him kick open the first stall, then the second, and the third, so it was down to the one that we were in. He kicked open the door and saw us, standing there…his penis still in my vagina naked. We went to a Christian School and we knew we were screwed, so we had to bargain our way out. So I asked if he wanted to join us. He said that he wouldnt and that he was going to take us to the principals office. I knew we would get kicked out if the principal found out. So i grabbed the janitors zippor and pulled it down and wipped his penis out of his pants. I shoved it into my now loose vagina he tryed to pull away. I was pretty strong though and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into one of the showers and i must have hit the faucet because the water turned on. He was trying to yell for help but i started to kiss on him. I was a good kisser (named best kisser as a senior). I think that he started to enjoy it! To give him a little better experience I started to moan. Then I felt his warm cum shot into my vagina, then I was scared. I might get pregnant now. I screamed!!! REALLY LOUD!!!!I pulled his penis out of me… he promised not to tell anyone. Then he ran out of the locker room with my boyfriend who had picked up my clothes too when he left. So I was stuck, crying and naked sitting in a pool of water and sperm. I finally regained my composer. I found a pair of athletic shorts in an open locker…but i was still shirtless and braless. My mom would be curious if she saw me without a bra. I had to run out of the lockerroom my boyfriend was standing across the gym talking to some of his friends. I could see my sports bra and shirt in his hands. To get to him though I knew that I had to go over there topless and ask for it back. So I ran as fast as I could across the gym. I grabbed it out of his hands and started to run back to the locker room. Then I tripped on a wet spot on the gym floor. I went slidding on my breasts across the gym floor. My breasts got floor burned. I got back up crying again and ran into the lockerroom. I was so distrot that i hadnt realized that i ran into the wrong lockerroom luckly no one was in the guys lockerroom. I threw my sports bra on over my breasts and pulled my shirt on. I walked outside and my mom had finally arrived. I got in the car and when i got home cryed my eyes out. I was made fun of the next few days. So, my first time wasnt so great, but i made up for it in high school and had some other very passionate intercourses afterward.

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