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Drunk at a party

Where it happened: Friends House
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

I my parents were out of town so you know what that means.
PARTY!! My brother planned and I was got to come or I would

That night it statred out slow but then picked up fast.
By 9pm there was about 30 people there and we were all drunk.

All I could do was dance in a circle.
This cute guy named Matt started to dance with me he could
see that I was wasted.

He was feeling up my ass and my tits.
I should say I was a nice one to look at.
Blonde 5’4 38d 120lbs.

He kept swinging me around and it would make me dizzy.
He was all over my body by then.

I started to get sick so I ran to my parents bedroom bathroom.

I didn’t throw up but I had to sit down on the bed.

That was a big misake! I passed out!

I woke up a few moments later and Matt had my shirt off and
was sucking on my tits and he was working on getting my pants off.
I passed out again.

I woke up to Pain Matt was trying with little luck to get his cock
into my pussy.
I tried to push him off but was to drunk.
He then shoved once real hard and it sank all the way in.
He said “Fuck yea” and started to pump me for all that it
was worth it hurt alot.
I passed out again.

I woke up a little latter and he was cumming inside me.
He said thanks and got up and left.

I passed out again and woke up with another guy on top of me.
He started to push his cock in I said “NO” and he covered my
mouth and said “Shut up cunt” and shoved it all the way in me.

He pounded me very very hard and when he was about to cum he pulled
out and came on my tits.

He then moved up and shoved his cock into my mouth.
I then passed out again.

I again awoke to pain.
I was on my stomach and someone was pushing his cock into
my asshole. It hurt really bad and I started to yell he pushed my face
down into the bed and kept and fucking me.
After he came he got up and someone rolled me over and pushed there cock
into my pussy and started fuck me hard. He came and then left.

I passed out for the last time.

I woke up the next day with a old friend of my little
brother next to me his cock was still inside me. He had fucked
me too. I don’t kno how many times I got it that night but
it hurt alot.
I did not do it again for years.
Thats about it.

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