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Dick (really)

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

My twin sister Jill and I were born on the 4th of July 1970. To say we’re close is an understatement. We always did everything together until I went to college on a football scholarship in Michigan and Jill took a music scholarship in Maryland. My sister is my best friend, always has been and I hope always will be. IT may sound abnormal to some people when I tell them that Jill was also my first lover. And the big event happened on my 16th birthday. Jill was already experienced in sex and no longer a virgin; I had made out with my girl friends a few times but never had gone all the way. Just about the greatest thing I had experienced ( and its not too bad for the kid I was) was my girl friend Becky sucking me hard and finishing me with her hand while I rubbed her until she came. She would never have let me go all the way though. Anyway, my parents threw Jill a sweet sixteen party. She and her firends had a great time. I was out most of the day playing hoops with my friends. I gotr home about the same time the party broke up and Jill told me that she had my present, but it would have to wait until later that evening. I showered, got dressed and got dressed for our family birthday celebration at a nice restaurant. After we got home and everybody went off to bed, Jill knocked on my bedroom door and asked if she could come in to give me my present. When she came in, she was wearing a very flimsy nightie that left nothing to my imagination. She tod me to close my eyes if I wanted a surprise. I complied and when she told me to open my eyes, she was stark naked and on her knees loking at my crotch. “My present to you, is me,” she told me, reaching in the fly of my jockies and stroking my dick. She took me in her mouth and blew me until I shot my wad. I don’t know why it didn’t baother me that my sister was going down on me. She gave me a few minutes to recover, and without my ever going soft, lay on my bed and guided my cock to her wet pussy. I was in heaven. We wnet at it for what seemd like hours and when I was ready to cum again, she asked me to pull out and shoot my load on to her stomach. Then she cleaned herself off, gave me a kiss and again wished me happy birthday. That was the first and only time we palyed around like that. I’ve had a couple of serious relationships and great sex over the passt ten years, but my first time, with my best friend could not have been better. And now, I’m an uncle. Six weeks ago, Jill had her first kid, a little boy named Dick.

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