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Diching Pleasures for a summer of hellish dreams

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Desirted house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Well It was May 5, 1995
I wish I would have stayed home, but hey it happened so here is my story of hell.

It was a nice day out and I wanted to be anywhere other then in my fourth period chior class. I was walking around trying to find something to do before class started. I turned the courner and who did I see….. best friend. I had a major crush in him since I had first met him. He know I liked him and had spent the previous numurous weekends at my house, kissing me. (hey I liked him)

Well he and I started talking and he asked if I wanted to leave campus with him. It was the solution to my problem I didn’t want to go to class and I would be with my crust. I figured he and I would talk and play video games at his house.

We walked off campus undescovered and walked around for a while. Evantuly we walked to his grandmothers house. She was nice. Any way every time she looked away or left the room he would kiss me of touch me on my best. One of the last times she left the room he umboutened my pants and implied he wanted to do it.

He asked if he and I could talk in the bathroom where he and I tried it doggy stile, on the toilet and on the floor. Despite our efert I was way to nurvise and he couldn’t get it in me.

When his grandmother found out what he and I were doing she sent us to the street where he and I walked around for a little while. Then he had a great idea, there was a desirted house next to the school and we could do it there. Well at the time I had no idea what he was thinking. I just thought we were going to check it out and see what we could find.

I really didn’t want to go in to the house so we stayed outside hidden by a row of overy growen booshes. He kissed me and took me in his strong arms. I kissed him back and felt hornyer than before. He puled back and pushed my head down to his croch. I never did that before and didn’t want to, so I told him I didn’t want to. Then he asked if I wanted to do it with him. I don’t remember saying yes and I know that I didn’t say no.

He led me to the more hidden side of the house and found an old rug for us to lay on. I can remember my heart pounding and thinking that this was going to be it. I was finely going to have sex and with the man that I loved…at the time…oh he was a year my minor. When he came back with the rug he layed it on the ground and huged me, slowely placed his hands on my ass. He kissed me softly and told me compleatly nothing. I wish he would have told me he loved me or that he cared.

As he kissed me he slowly moved his hands to my zipper and unziped my pants. Then he slowly puled then down till they were on the ground. He kissed me again and rubed my hips while taking off my white pantys. He then kissed me and layed me on the rug. He then took of his pants and blue boxers. It was the first time I had seen a penius with my own eyes. He wan’t big then he wan’t small avrige I would have to say thow I don’t have much experance in the matter.

Before I knew it he was on the ground above me. He placed his hands on my still dressed upper half and touched my brests. Slowly slid his hands down my sides to my legs. Then ever so slowly he placed his hands on my thys and softly pushed open my legs. Looking at me he thrused his head forward and kissed me. As he kissed me he placed his hands on his penes and guided it past my thys in to my vigina. Stoped and played with it there for a second or two. Then thrused forward and slowly forsed it in me with such ease.

At this point he was looking in my eyes and moving in and out slowely. I can remember I was thinking hey this didn’t hurt at all. Actuly it felt erotic and nice. I was with my best friend having sex. He was about to come inside me and puled out. I wanted him to come inside me, I didn’t care what the conquences would be. After he came he turned and kissed me as he guided his penus back in side me. This time passing up the playing with my clitoris with the head of his pinus.

The second time he was in me I could feel a throubing sensation I had never felt before. I think I was coming. As this happened I kissed him and he kissed me. At this point he was thrusting with a little force that I didn’t want to stop. It felt so good and I wanted to wrape my legs around him, I would have buy my pants were around my ancles. As soon as I started to have tingly feeling he puled out again this time telling me I was bleeding. He came and tole me to get dressed and that when I get home I should cleen myself.

I puled up my pants and layed there for a few seconde as he whiped the blood off himself. After he was finished cleaning himself, I think he helped me up. I don’t remember what happened at that moment, I was thinking I wanted more and I wan’t going to get any. He and I walked back to the school not arm in arm and not talking except only for him to tell me that I would walk on campus at a diffrient time.

For the rest of the day I had a tingly feeling in my pussy, And in my heart. I wanted to be with him again. For the next few weekd we didn’t talk and i avoided him. Then one day he asked if I wanted to do it again. “This time we take off your shirt,” is what he said. At that time everything I imagined my first time to be vanished. All it was, was a guy and girl horny and bored with nothing wlse to do.

At the baging of the summer our parents decided to rent a boat and stay on the lake for the night. We went and well ….and I had the top of the boat all to ourself. It was fun he and I talked and croped most of the night. Then he pushed my head down again and I tild him no yet again. He respected my wishes and kissed me again as he positioned his body over mine. He sloly placed his hands on my zipper and unziped it. This time he didn’t pull down my pants he slowly slid his hand to my pantys and puled up the top and continued to slither his hand to my croch. It was then he started to play with my clitoris I imidetly wanted to moan. Before I could he kissed me harder and deeper then even the day he had sex with me. He then went forward and and put his fingers in my vigana. Making a circluar motion he slowly made the same motion with his rist he did whth his pelvis when he and I had sex mounts before.

This time was diffrient he was doing it for me. It was my turn to have pleasure. He moved his fingers faster and faster, scurming and keeping from moaning I had my first real pleasurable orgasam. After I was finished he removed my hands and I feld an empty place where his fingers were. He ziped up my pants and kissed me. Then asked me it I wanted to do it. I said yes and I really waned to. Then he asked me to go swimming. I refused to have sex again in a weird place. He went and swam as I looked down on him thinking I could be fucking him that moment.

After that almost the intire summer he and I would finger fuck but never actuly have sex. It was a great summer and I will never forgit it as well as never forgive myself for giving in to sexual eurges. I wish I would have waited till I found the right man.

All in all it was a great experance and my only one. I am patently……well squirmishly waiting till my next experance. This time I am waiting till I can do it with a man that I love, I am hoping that I am with him now. Till my next first time, keep telling stories and I will kep reading. I will however tell you my next time.

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