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Dee Dee

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: her basement
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

As a kid I used to go over a girls house and watch stag films when her parents weren’t around. These stag films used to get me all jacked up and I would want to try and do some of the things I saw in the films. The girl didn’t turn me on so I would go over another girl’s house, who did.
Dee Dee and I would go to her basement and sit on a couch and watch tv while her parents were upstairs. She really liked me and would do most anything I would ask and so I slowly persuaded her to give me a blow job each and every time I would go by her house.
First we started out by sitting side by side on the couch with a blanket over our laps and my pants down around my ankles. I would tell her how to stroke me and rub my balls. She always used to laugh and giggle as she did it. Then after a couple of times of her jacking me off and me spewing all over her hands and my lap, I got her to kiss it and lick it up and down. She would do it as we watched tv and enjoyed watching me cum and my facial expressions.
I was able to get her to put it in her mouth after about a week or so for a true blow job and she would fist my cock into her mouth. The feeling of her saliva running down the side of my cock would get me going and I would cum as she pulled her head away and finished me with her hand.
Needless to say every trip to her house was a pleasure. I remember now how I would get anxious and get this wierd feeling inside me whenever I was going over her house.
By the end of the first month of these blow jobs, at least four to five times a week, I had got her to the point of letting me hold the back of her head, push it all the way down on my cock, spank my cock on the side of her face (This always made her laugh), cum in her mouth, swallow my cum and then lick up the excess, lick, suck, and kiss on my balls, give me blow jobs kneeling in front of me, laying down beside me, with me standing and her bent over before me, in her parents room when they weren’t around (obviously), in the park woods, in the bathroom, etc. It was a game to us and she really liked doing it (of course I loved it). We only almost got caught once when her sister came home from school earlier then we expected.
By the second month, we had graduated to her taking off her shorts and panties and sitting naked beneath the blanket, too. As she throated me, I would rub my hands on her naked ass and play with her little pussy. She loved the sensation of me just rubbing and sliding my hand between her legs and would suck my cock harder and more aggressively. I enjoyed fingering her pussy and asshole, too. Two fingers in the pussy after all that rubbing and she would be moaning and groaning with my cock in her face. She didn’t have much of a chest but I still loved to push her shirt up and suck and bite on her little pert nipples.
Well after two months of this, we made the next move and we did it for the first time as she sat on top of my lap there on her couch. I remember her just rocking back and forth on my lap and feeling the sensations in my cock as her tight little pussy squeezed my cock. It was over in about thirty seconds and we hurried to clean up and get our clothes on.
About two weeks later, her mom enrolled her in trumpet classes and we were only able to see each other once a week and slowly grew apart. Funny thing, about seven years later I was talking to a guy I had met at college who said he had dated her. Said she was ‘bar none’ the best blow job he had ever had and probably would ever have.

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