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Where it happened: Florida
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My First Time

It was late July in central FL when I had my first sexual experience with a woman.

I and had been cutting grass all summer for a couple that lived down the street from me. They seemed to be nice. Both of them were attractive for a couple in their 40’s.

Each week after I was finished cutting grass they would invite me inside and we would have a cold coke and talk before they paid me. I always wore my cutoffs and no shirt when I cut grass. One day he told me that I looked quite strong for a boy my age and wondered if I would like to wrestle. I thought nothing of this and we got down on his living room floor and played like we were wrestling more that actually doing it.

Week after week this was the routine. Cut grass, drink a coke, wrestle, while his wife watched, get paid and leave. Then one week when I came in things were different. She was in a robe and he was in baggie shorts with no shirt on. I drank my coke, then we started wrestling and right away I knew this was going to be very different. As we were wrestling I looked up at this wife and her robe was parted just enough that I could see pubic hair. She had massive amounts of black pubic hair and I could see a pink slit in the middle of all that hair. We had been wrestling for about 5 minutes when I suddenly felt his cock on my leg. He had his arms around my shoulders and was on my back. I could feel his cock sliding up and down on my leg. All f a sudden I felt his pace quicken and he groaned. The next thing I felt was his hot cum shooting on my leg and up the fringe of my cutoffs. Then he stopped and just laid there on his side.

She told me that it was OK and that she wanted me to come sit beside her on the couch. When I got up, I could feel his cum sliding down my leg. She reached over to me and started to clean to off with her robe and when she did that I could see her pussy perfectly. My cock was rock hard and jerking in my shorts. Without saying a word she unbuttoned my cutoffs and unzipped me and my shorts fell to the floor. I stood there with my little 5 inch pre-cum soaked peter twitching in mid air as she and her husband just looked at my dick. She very gently and slowly placed her fingers around my cock and smeared my pre-cum over the head and made about to strokes before I began shooting spurt after spurt of thick white boy cum all over her robe. She never changed her stroke and I remained hard. She then leaned over and placed my cock into her mouth. My knees buckled and she helped me to the sofa.

All of this time here husband just watched. His cock was now hard again and he began to slowly masturbate as he watched what she was doing to me. Again no words were spoken. She removed her robe and got down on her knees in front of me and began to suck my penis. She would suck about 3 strokes and stop and look up at me as she held my prick in her mouth. Then I noticed that her husband was masturbating her as he was doing himself. It was just about then that I started cumming. I thought I would faint, I was cumming so hard. She kept sucking me until I saw her husband shoot off again and I am positive she came also as she was grunting and hunching his hand.

Out little escapades continued for 4 more visits. They moved away and I never heard from them again.

Every word of this is true. I hope you enjoyed it.

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