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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: parents house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

i remember the first time very well.i was dating a girl who was 18 at the time and we had been seeing each other for a year and a half off and on.many time she would let me play with her very nice tits.I could suck on them or touch them ,but whenever i tried to finger her pussy she would not let me go there.After many months of complaining that i would find another girl and fuck her she decided to put out .so all i could think about was fucking her good and hard.it still would take about 2 months or so to get into her pants.finally on a cold winter night she told me to pick her up and go for a drive .I remember asking when we could do it and she said tonight ,but not in the car or at her place either.so we headed back to my place and everybody was asleep .I lived there with my 2 sisters and my mom and dad.I had a bedroom in the basement right next to my sisters room.So we went down stairs and started kissing very wildly . i knew that this time she might really let me fuck her. so after kissing and feeling for awhile i pulled her nice dress that she had on up to her lovely tits . she was also wearing nylons.she let me pull her nylons right off and then i almost ripped her panties off i was so fucking horny that my dick was rock hard . i thought i would come before i even put it in.We didn’t have any condoms ,but she still let me put it in her.so i started to enter her pussy and it was so juicy that my dick just slid right in like we were doing it all night. i started to pound her faster every second that i was in her that my head board was banging the wall very loudly . i knew that somebody might hear it but i thought if i stopped fucking her that she might not let me finish so i kept on banging her into the headboard . after about 5 more minutes i told her im going to come inside her now and she said that i better pull it out and not do it inside her , so i listened very well and i could feel my dick starting to explode so i pulled it out and came all over her nice dress. i wanted to put it back in ,but she said that it was dripping with cum and i better not, so she rubbed my dick so genthly and got all the cum off of it that way.we did it several more times later , but we broke up that year for good and i have never seen her since, but i will always remember that first time for me and it felt so great that i cannot really expain it.

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