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Cousin Love

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Cousin's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

This was the first time I have ever had sex, but like this all things must be the begining and no end, well it happend on July 26, 1997, 6:00am, it all started the first day I arrived in Boise, Idaho from University Place, Washintgton, I stay with my grandmother for the frist week then went to go stay with my cousin Andrea for two weeks, I met her friends and she introduced them to me and they where all very nice a little to nice to be exact, the frist day was very boring, then it started to get better on the thrid day when I say Andrea’s friends using pot, I said what is that? They told me it was pot so I went into the other room and watched TV very nerviously, then they left and my cousin was very high, I said to her what if your dad finds out, she says her never finds out I said all right then. The fourth day arrives and it is night time, I am very board, so Andrea calls her friends to come over so they do and what to my suprise they bring Zima’s and pot, so they left the Beer and pot for Andrea, so she says DJ are you sure you would not like to try it for the first time, I finally sadi YES this time, then a few minutes later, then me and her started to talk about our childhood and then she started crying because she wished I was nicer to her when we were child, and she told me how much we were mature now and all that has changed, so she got mascara all over my white shirt, so she said she would put it in the wash, as she did that I went to get my silk shirt, she and me were tired of taliing then so I asked her if she would like to dance and she sadi why sure, so we danced for 5 mintues, and i was tired I was going to say goodnight and she said wouldn’t you like to talk to me anymore I said yea but I need to sleep, she said “Would you like to sleep with me” Stupidly I said sure, so we were sleeping in her bed, she said DJ “Do you love me” i siad why of course, you my cousin, she says not in that way, so I said, you are not talking about the real thing are you as I was laughing, finally i asked her “Did you want to have sex” She goes well i need to think about this, and I said we are only half cousins, so she said what did you do with the condom my friend gave you, I said it is in my room, I went ot get it nervously, well what do you know she had all her cloths off exceprt her silk shirt which I could she her breast, so she says get on the bed, I was very neverous, then she was on top of me pulling my Penis inside of her as i was feeling something warm around it all, I was trying to go slow but she wasd going a little fast then she slowed down, I then was kssing her, and before that all i knew she was WET from the start, after a while she got tired and so did I, we cleaned up, and went back to bed we talked some more, she says the next time we met it will be better, because I will take showers with you and we will make love more and more, then her father came home I had to get ready for my flight to University Place, Washington, I arrived and felt different and upset in a big way, well the next time she comes down is 7/10/98, and I will tell you the next exciting story.

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