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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her Home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

she was about 35 year old and I was in highschool. she was introduced to me by one of my friend who been to her earlier. he asked me if I want to visit her. I was shy, but I desperately wanted to see how a naked woman look like and I wanted to experience a fully matured sex. I was silent for a while. he then said he is going to see her right after the school and he will take me with him. I couldn’t express how desperate I was to fuck a woman of that age. he understood that I was interested.

After the school I just followed him and he rang the bell and the minute after a lady with long hair and seducing eyes opened the door and gave a arousing smile to him. Then soon she saw me next to him and I couldn’t believe that she honored me with a beautiful look and led both of us inside the house. My friend inroduced me and I was very nervous, but waiting to see this woman naked.

Finally, she broke the word by saying “what you guys upto?” My friend said that we just came to see her. She immidiately said, ” you are right.” and asked who wants to go first. My friend said “Well……”.

We were sitting on the each end of the couch and she was on opposite chair. She got up and sat right in the middle and starting to unhook my friends shirt. Mine was hard like a rock and awaiting to be exposed. Then she slowly turned to my side and started staring at me and slowly she rubbed her hand over my rock hard shaft.

Man this is time I felt completely outof space and I leaned over her and I didn’t know what I was doing. Soon I found myself naked and licking all over her and my friend was too. We both licked her front and back good and I was sucking her breast like a dog and slowly she slipped down and licked my dick and my friend couldn’t wait, so he too inserted in her mouth.

She was enjoying two young dicks with full pleasure and then i ejaculated my sperm over my friends belly and her forehead. She started licking it and soon my friend plunged his into her pussy and I was still recovering from the ejaculation and when I saw him holding her two fully grown titts and working in and out of her pussy, mine started harden again and in no time I was ready for one more shot.

I was making my way to her lips then I saw my friend cumming over her breast of which few splashes sprung over my hairs. I couldn’t wait to fuck her titts while they were wet with my friends sperm. I grabbed both together and worked harder than the first round and I finally cummed second time over her chin and lips and it started dripping and my friend was rubbing it all over her breasts and her nipples were sticky and I sucked it for last time on that day.

After that we were about leave, but she was looking at us with an expression that we are always welcome to fuck her.

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