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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: His house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

My husband thinks I was a virgin when we married, so I am not going to tell you what my name is.

I was fourteen. The man I did it with lived just down the road and was probably near thirty. He was married. He had three kids. He was also a friend of my fathers and would come to our house and visit often. They both made home brewed beer and shared some things in common.

At fourteen, I thought that he was really kind of hot, and really sexy; and often when he came I’d flaunt my body, wearing just a tiny pair or shorts and halter top, or in my itsy bitsy bikini that I knew he really liked.

One day while I was walking home from school (we got off school at noon on Fridays) he stopped his pickup truck and asked me if I’d like a ride. Of course I just got right in, and off we went. He asked if I would like to go down to the lake, where he had a boat he used to take out water-skiing. I said okay. I didn’t care. My folks were both at work, and I had the rest of the afternoon to do whatever I wanted.

I kind of flirted with him, and he told me that he loved the way I looked in my bikini. I joked and said I did it just for him! He said that he would love to see me topless. He suggested that we take the boat out on the lake, and I said I didn’t have my swimsuit. He said it didn’t matter.

We went out to the middle of the lake, away from prying eyes, and of course there was no one else around. He stopped the boat and we decided to go swimming in our underwear.

We swam around the boat and started splashing one another and having fun, and then we kind of wrestled and I felt his hand go in between my thighs, against my crotch, as he then lifted me and threw me from him in the water. My panties were just flimsy things and he must have got a real good feel! It made me horny, knowing that his hand was right there on me. He didn’t say a word about it, and neither did I.

We got into the boat. We could see right through each others underwear. His cock was really large and somewhat horny. I could see it! We started talking sex, and then at my suggestion we got back in the water and skinny dipped. We started wrestling again, but this time when his hand went in between my thighs it stayed there, playing with my crotch. I liked the things he did to me. He knew exactly how to get me all worked up! He fingered me and teased my clit, and then we climbed into the boat again.

He placed both seat swabs on the floor in the middle of the boat, and let me lie there. His cock was really really hard. He knelt between my thighs and teased my clit with it, then slid it in the narrow entrance, just an inch. He promised me he wouldn’t push it further! He sucked my breasts, his cock still in there, and then we kissed; and then I felt a twitch of pain and all of it went in me! He fucked me, then shot his cum onto my belly.

It was over. I was crying. He said that he was sorry. I told him that he promised me it wouldn’t go right in me!

We took the boat back to the dock. We fucked each other several times throughout the summer, then it ended. His wife got pregnant, then shortly after they moved to some place in Montana and we never heard from them again.

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