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Cleaning Up!

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: At work
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My parents insisted that I worked during the summer I was 16,
so I got a job doing evening janitorial cleanup at the place
my dad worked (an engineering firm).

It wan’t a bad job; Monday through Thursday from 5 to 9,
emptying garbage cans, sweeping the floors, and cleaning up
the break room. On Saturday afternoon, we did that, plus
put down a coat of floor wax and buff it out.

Two of us could easily handle the building. My partner Bob
took downstairs; I did the upstairs.

There weren’t all that many female engineers, but one of
them definitely caught my eye. Her name was Tara, and she
was about 5’2, solidly built, and had a very large chest
for her small size (probably a DD). She was also quite
friendly towards me; always saying hello, asking me how I
was doing, and things like that.

One time, she asked me why I never came in on Fridays, and I
told her that we did that work on Saturday afternoons instead.
She was curious as to why we did that, and I told her that
it was because we didn’t want to disturb the engineers
working late on Friday with the noise from the buffers. She
asked if the noise bothered the people working on Saturday.
I told her that very few people worked then.

A few weeks later, she was in there on Saturday afternoon.
When I saw her, I figured that she had something in mind.
It was summertime, and she was dressed like she was going to
the beach; short shorts, and a halter top that gave such a
display that it left little to the imagination. At the very
least, I was going to be working with a splitting hardon the
rest of the day.

Of course, I went past her office as often as I could that
day. One time, she was sitting at her desk leaning forward,
and her shorts had pulled down in the back, showing nearly
half of her ass. Another time, she had turned around and
was talking on the phone, one foot on the open desk drawer.
The material of her shorts had pulled so tight that her
pussy lips were clearly visible. Another time, her halter
top had worked down so that half of a large, dark areola
was visible. Another pass two minutes later had the entire
nipple peeking over the material.

Of course, that called for another immediate pass by her
door. This time, she looked up from her work and called me
into her office. I was sure I was busted, but that nipple
was still out looking at me. It turned out that she wanted
me to help her get a box off of the top of her storage
cabinet. I grabbed a chair and got the box. As I handed
the box to her, the breast that had been peeking out popped
out the rest of the way. She gave an ‘Oops!’ and set the
box on her desk. She untied her top altogether, giving me
a quick look at both lovely breasts, then retied her top.

There was no way that this was accidental. It didn’t matter
anyway, since I just stood there gawking. She asked me if
I liked what I saw, and I simply nodded. She asked if I
wanted to see more, and I nodded again.

She closed the door, sat up on the desk, and took her top
all the way off. After several long seconds, she asked if
I was going to just look, or did I want to touch them. I
took them in my hands, very gently, and hefted them. I
played with the nipples a little, which caused her to gasp.

After a few moments of this, I decided to push my luck. I
leaned forward and kissed her left nipple. She grabbed my
head and pulled it back in. I took her nip into my mouth
and started sucking.

After several minutes, she asked if I wanted to do more. I
nodded, and she stood up, took off her shorts, and sat back
up on the edge of the desk. I turned my attention to the
furry wonder in front of me.

I had never seen a real pussy before; pictures in the men’s
magazines, sure, and in a few porn movies, but not a real
live one. She asked me if I had ever seen one before, and
I said no. She told me to get a good look, and touch it if
I wanted to.

I knew from reading what the parts were, but was still amazed
at the beauty of it. She said that I could kiss it if I
wanted to, and I did.

I gave it a few tentative licks, and she pulled me closer.
I must have done something right, since after a few minutes,
she wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled tight. I
couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t care. She was coming right
in my face!

I had read that I should keep going if a woman comes, so I
did just that. I got a breath of air now and then, and she
came five or six times before she stopped me.

I didn’t want to stop, but I soon changed my mind when she
said that she wanted to fuck. Right there, still on the
edge of the desk.

Two seconds later, my pants were down around my ankles. I’d
love to say that she came another half dozen times, but that’s
not what happened. I lasted maybe five minutes before firing
my load into her. Then I did something she didn’t expect.
I went down on her again. Sure, I tasted my own come, but
I didn’t mind. (Nor did she…)

We fucked twice more that afternoon, and I cleaned my come
out of her each time.

There were other occasions after that. We’d get together
typically one night during the week, where I’d eat her, then
she’d blow me. Maybe twice a month she’d come in on Saturday,
and we’d fuck.

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