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Cathy, The Maid of Honor

Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: Wedding Reception
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Last year I got a call from my best friend,Paul,who lived in Chicago. He and I had been roommates in college. He told me he was getting married and wanted me to be his best man — since he had been my best man a little over a year ago. Of course I told him yes. My wife was invited to the wedding too, but since she really didn’t know any of the people who would be at the wedding, except Paul, she decided not to go, so we could save the extra air fare and other expenses. Two months later, I flew from New York to Chicago to take part in the wedding.

It was at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner later that evening that I met Cathy, the maid of honor, who I would be paired up with at the wedding. She was a gorgeous blonde, just out of college, and she had the most beautiful figure I had ever seen — and during college and while dating, I’d seen quite a few. I found her to be very friendly, too and we hit it off just fine. My “love-maker” obviously liked what it saw, too, because it sprang to life shortly after we were introduced.I’m sure Cathy noticed my obvious erection as we ate dinner that evening, but said nothing.

The wedding ceremony, the next day, went off very smoothly, and later we all went to a local country club for the reception. Naturally,I got to dance with Cathy quite a bit, in between champagne toasts to the bride and groom. It was on the third dance that I noticed her holding herself especially close to me, and my rock hard erection was pushing against her pretty hard. She pushed into me as hard as she could, too, She had on this form-fitting silk,off the shoulders, aqua dress, that revealed all her curves, and as I looked down, I saw these two gorgeous breasts of hers,held up by the dress and her bra. I was absolutely tantalized with this girl. We continued to dance and drink champagne, that evening, sitting and talking in between dances. The reception went on late into the evening, and after this one dance, where we had really ground our pelvises into each other, she whispered into my ear, “I think we’re going to have to do something for Mr. Wonderful down there, don’t you?” I just smiled, as she led me off the dance floor and out into the parking lot. There were all kinds of cars there, and she started to see if she could find one that wasn’t locked. One of the wedding limousines was still there, and luckily it was open, and we went in the rear door and settled into the back seat. There was lots of room. No sooner had we gotten seated, than she started fiddling with my pants, unzipping them, and fishing out my penis through my boxer shorts. “Just sit back and relax,” she told me, as she kneeled down between my legs and started to suck my penis with those beautiful red lips of hers, and that long blonde hair, falling down around it. After a few minutes, I could hardly contain myself, but then she said, “I think this will work better if we take these off– and she asked me to lift up, while she slid my pants, and boxers down around my ankles. And there was Mr. Wonderful, erect and ready, as she proceeded to fellate me with a passion. Never in my life had I been given head like this!! I blew several loads of semen straight into her mouth, and she took it all, swallowing every drop. Every once in awhile, she said, “Oh, God this is good! You have a magnificent cock here, you know, don’t you? Where have you been all my life?” She continued giving me the greatest blow job I’d ever had! We must have been out there for nearly an hour. Then we returned to the reception, and continued with the dancing an merry-making until close to 1:00 A.M.

When the reception was over, Cathy asked me where Iwas staying. I told her at one of the local motels, not far from the country club. She asked me if I wanted company. I knew it was wrong, but with all the champagne I’d consumed that night, and seeing this as an excellent opportunity,we got in my rental car and drove over to where I was staying. That night, we both got naked — my God what a body she had! — and we made love in just about every position known to man or woman. Before we did, I told her I didn’t have any condoms, and she said, “You don’t need condoms to fuck, do you?” “No, but.., I tried to explain, but she just put her finger to my lips and told me, once again, to “just lay back and relax.” So, I did. She got on top of me, and proceeded to fuck me like I’d never been fucked before. I really didn’t think that I had that much love-making in me, anymore, after that blow job session in the car, but at 24, I was still quite the stud, and she wanted my body badly. It was a night of almost non-stop fucking — until, early in the morning, she fell asleep across my body.

That next morning,I had a plane to catch, and was up around 8:00, showering, when in popped Cathy into the shower with me, and we fucked once again! What an amazing young woman she was!

After that we had breakfast, and I tiook her back to her house, said goodbye, and caught my plane back home.

I love my wife, of course, but never, ever will I forget Cathy, the Maid of Honor, and the absolutely wonderful sex she gave me that weekend. It was the first such experience like that I’d ever had. But, wow, what a first time!

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