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California Twins

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Twins Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well don’t think I’m too perverted, (but judging by some of the stories, you probably won’t!) I’m gonna tell you about my twin cousins Carrie and Donna.
I flew out to see my relatives in ’92, before my senior year started, had to make sure I’d see them all one last time. Carrie and Donna, at the latter half of 12 were just hitting puberty (in sync) and starting to fill out. They were both petite (about 5’2″?) and had flowing blond hair, crystaline eyes, and small, firm breats (orange size, maybe?) with cute little bums. I had been out there a couple of days when things started getting interesting.
One night, while my aunt and uncle went out to dinner, I volunteered to watch the girls, assuming it would be a relaxing night of watching TV after spending 6 days exhaustively touring LA and San Diego. Around 8 or so, we were playing Monopoly (I was losing) and Carrie piped up as I landed on Marvin Gardens (how can I forget?) that I owed her $700 or something close to that..of course I was out of money, so I said I’d have t oquit and auction my properties. Carrie glanced over at her twin Donna, and with a smile said “If you take off your clothes, you can skip the rent this time”. I was in shock that my cute little cousin had said such a thing. My only response was “uhhhhh…” She smiled and got up, walking over to me, she straddled my lap, her sun-skirt falling across my legs. SHe threw her arms behind me and said “C’mon now, it’s not like we’re telling you to DO us!” I immediately got up and started pouring through all the reasons why I can’t do anything with them (incest, legal, pain, their parents finding out, etc…) but she just looked at me unflinchingly and said “if you don’t do what we say, we’ll tell my mother you tried to sneak a look at us”. Although her plan was sinister, I knew my Aunt Molly was smarter than that. Still, I couldn’t resist, so I went along with it.
After some time, she was agin straddeling me, this time I was naked. She looked at me, smiling, commenting in my inflamed penis. I could only think about her pouty lips, so I leaned forward and started kissing them. I was rewarded by her tongue pushing it’s way into my mouth. We kissed gently at first and then harder, as she started to rub her panties against the tip of my cock. Then Donna came over, leaning right down between Carries legs and started licking my cock. Hesitantly at first, then more eagerly, liking the taste I guess. Pretty soon, she had grabbed it firmly and was bobbing up and down sucking the head vigorously. Meanwhile Carrie hopped up and unzippped her sun-dress letting it slide to the floor. She was waering green silk bra and panties, her breasts half exposed, her legs slender, and me horny. I unzipped Donnas dress, and she never moved, continuing to suck my dick. Donna was wearing matching undies , Carrie went to her bedroom. I picked up Donnas face, kissed her, and led her by the hand back there.
I found Carrie spread eagle face down on the bed, rubbing her crotch like crazy, I couldnt help it and I got behind her, grabbing her legs and pulling her sweet smelling pussy up to my face. It was mostly bald, except for some dark blonde hair at the top. I licked thru her panties at first, then right on her pussy. She moved back and forth, having an orgasm maybe? Donna got in front of her face and pulled her panties aside showing an identical pussy. Carrie started licking hers and now Donna was enjoying it. I asked Carrie if she wanted to screw, and she pulled her nightstand open and threw a bottle of massage lotion at me. I rubbed it all in her cunny, and some on my dick, pulling her ovre to me, on her back, and enteredd her. She was sore at first, but 10 minutes into it, and we were fucking like mad dogs. Which gave me an idea. I put Carrie in doggystlye and drove it home. A squeal of delight followed by incessant moaning. I told Donna to get on her sister’s rear, facing me, and lie back, then I started eating her out. They were both loving it, and maybe twin chemistry caused this, but they both came at the same time. Finally, I couldn’t take it, the tight cunt was gripping my dick so well, I pulled out and started squirting. Immediately both twins contested for my goo. When it was all over, Donna said she wanted me to fuck her too, but I was exhausted! I told her later, and true to my word, one hour later I did her. She liked when I pulled one leg over my shoulder and rubbed her clit as I was fucking her…so much in fact that she came 3 times. The last one was loud as hell, and that’s where I blew my load. Now I look forward to visiting them again, you never know what will happen after six years
—Jimmy Hatt

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