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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: parents basement
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My sister,who is 2 years younger than me,used to fool around whenever we were left alone.On this particular day,my parents were gone for a long time,and as usual we began to fool around.My sister was very developed for a 13 year old,and that always seemed to entice me.Anyway,we went down to the basement and got naked.I felt really awkward at first,but then I noticed she was even more nervous than I was.I told her to lay down on the floor and I kneeled beside her head,so she could suck my cock.She sucked me for about a minute before I shot my wad in her mouth and on her face.She then asked me to eat her pussy,which I gladly did,and was hard again within a couple of minutes.By this time she was super hot and was begging me to fuck her.I was kind of hesitant at first,because I did’nt want her to get pregnant,but after about 30 seconds of debating,I said thought “what the hell”.My cock would’nt go in her,so I had to just let it kinda stretch her pussy out a little before I started humping.After a minute or so of pussy stretching I started fucking her hard.She was bucking and moaning and saying “fuck me!,oh fuck me!!.I guess the blowjob kinda drained me a little because I was able to keep fucking her a little longer than I thought.I think she came,I don’t know for sure,but she told me to pull my dick out of her pussy because she wanted to suck it again,and of course I obliged.As I stated earlier,my sister was well developed for her age,and when she started sucking me off again I started squeezing her tits and fingering her asshole and she got really hot again,and I asked her if I could tittyfuck her.She did’nt know what I was talking about,so I explained what it was and proceeded.As I was tittyfucking her,on the upstroke,she would lick my cock,and that was really getting me hot.I rolled her over on her stomach to fuck her in the ass.I put the head of my cock in her asshole and she froze.I told her that it might hurt a little but,it would pass.I pushed my dick a little farther in to her ass,and she started to gasp in pain,and told me to take it out,so we did’nt get to buttfuck.She was still on her knees in front of me,so I began to fuck her doggystyle,this was GREAT,and she really seemed tolike it too.After about 3 minutes of pumping her cunt doggystyle,I pulled out and shot a cum jet all over her back and ass,and into her hair.We got dressed and went upstairs.

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