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British Columbian Virgin

Age when it happend: 13 & 14
Where it happened: British Columbia
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My name is Kiley. I’m 14 years old this past July, and just thought it would be interesting to tell you the story leading up to the loss of my virginity. You see, I live in British Columbia, the great state of nothingingness. While we have a lovely home with all the comforts, our nearest neighbor is 16 miles away. This does nothing for my social life, which is just about limited to visiting relatives, none of whom qualify as a potental lover–only exception is a cousin, Scott, my age, but I rarely see him, as he lives some 200 miles as the eagle flies, as God knows how far as the SUV drives. But I can’t complain, My father & I live alone and have everything we need–everything we want. He home schools me (Just so you know, we don’t sleep together) My Dad is quite the scholar, works right here at home, has his own lab & all. we have a very close relationship, sort of because there there is no one else! We confide in each other, tell each other our secrets–we just are each others best friend and I love him dearly.

Shortly after I celebrated my 13th birthday, I went into the bathroom to shower. Daddy was in there shaving. I took off my robe, and naked, was rummaging in the cabinet for a bar of soap. Now my Dad has often seen me naked, it’s no big deal between the two of us. I was standing right nest to him, wiggling around. Watching my bare butt, he remarked that I was fast developing in to a very pretty young girl, and after I finished my shower, we should have a Father-Daughter talk session. I leaned against him and poked him. “Why don’t we ever talk about your sex life, Daddy mine?” “Because that would be too embarrassing, Daughter Mine” he replied. “Now you little Dickens, get your fanny in the shower.” I gave him a dazzeling smile, said “OK” and stepped in the shower.

With my hair still wet, I put on my robe and went into the study, where Daddy was on the sofa. Now maybe it’s kid stuff, but when I talk with him I sit on his lap and he puts his around me–I just feel safe and comfortable. Now I’m not shy about sex, never have been. When I was younger, I used to whiz around the house–and yard naked all the time–all day long! But ever since I started my periods, I’m a little more “private” I guess, about being naked all the time. Now I don’t mind Daddy seeing me naked, like if I’m getting dressed, or in the bathroom, but I don’t flaunt my nude little body. However I do flaunt my quest for sex–my very favorite subject. Algebra & History don’t give me goose bumps or get my juices flowing the way talking about sex does it. So we had our talk about SEX!

It appears he was impressed with my body, as he wanted to ddiscuss sexual development in adolescents. With all my questions it ended up lasting several hours. As I told Dad, I have this terrible desire to know more about it, it all sounds so exciting–I want to know a hell (excuse me) of a lot more than or little sex talks will give me! Like boys can have wet dreams, but girls can’t. That’s not fair, why can’t we? “When I grow up I want to be a Sexual Surrogate!” I said. “That would be cool.” At which Daddy exclaims “Kiley, you have a wicked streak in you”

Dad brings up the subject of Doctor Hallburton. He’s one of my buddys who works with Dad down at the Lab. He’s a physician–I just call him Doc Hal–known him since I was a kid, and all three of us are great pals. It’s handy to have a doctor around. I broke my nose skiing, and Doc Hal made me pretty again. and he fixes up all my belly aches and cuts & bruises–whatever. “You know, sweetheart” Daddy says ” Now that we’re talking a about your sexual development, I think it would be a great idea for Doctor Hallburton to give you a pelvic exam.” This sounded bad for me, so I asked him just what is a pelvic exam. Dad explained how Doc would look at my vagina and check it just to be certain that everything was healthy and OK. I sort of squirmed at this. Well, I thought I’d rather not. I mean I love Doc Hal and all, but I don’t want to drop my drawers and have him poke around down there, you know? In the end (no pun) I told Daddy I’d do it if he would stay in the exam room with me. He gave my hand a squeeze and nodded yes.

Doc Hal has a medical office down at the Lab, so at the appointed time, Daddy and a very nervous me walked hand in hand down the path to the lab. The three of us sat in the exam room, and Doc Hal sat across from me and held both my hands in his–they were warm and strong. He explained everything he was going to do to me, and with his funny manner and his easy going personality, I was soon warming up to getting on with it–in fact I was getting a little turned on, thinking about him touching me down there, and I could feel myself getting wet. Finally Doc said “Kiley, why don’t you strip off those shorts and undies (they had calvin & Hobbes on them) if you want you can just leave on that T shirt, sound OK to you?” I nodded, unbottened and stepped out of them. Fortunately it’s cozy warm in the room, so I was really comfortable with the breeze around my bare butt. I hopped onto the end of the exam table and just sat there. Doc opened a drawer under the table and brought out two long “brackets”. These he inserted into holes at the corners on my end of the exam table. He showed me how my legs would be supported in these stirrups during the exam. I can hardly wait, I thought. I was getting wetter. I’m going to leave a wet spot on this table if I get up!

At his touch, I lay back, my legs dangling. He asked me to scoot down a little, till my butt was right over the end of the table–in fact it was a couple of inches over the end!. Then he helped put my legs into the stirrups, leaving my legs spread wide open! Doc Hal adjusted a light behind him and sat down on a low stool between my legs. “I’ll bet you feel really goofy right now don’t you Kiley?” I told him “I will gladly trade places with you.” I don’t know what I expected, Perhaps a lecture because my cunt was so wet–we all know what that means, I’ve been thing about sexy things, righ? But his touch was so gentle. He placed one hand on my inner thigh down near my vagina, i think just to re-assure me. I was holding Daddy’s hand, and I gave it a squeeze–he gave me one of his great big smiles and a wink–I winked right back. Very gently, with his thumb and index finger I think, Doc spread open the lips of my vagina. Well the way my legs were spread apart, when he did that, my vagina just opened like a flower, so my treasures were there for all to see. He inserted a gloved finger and I felt presure–no pain, just a pushing sensation inside me down there. Actually it felt sexy and I was embarrassed to feel my self getting wetter–again. “Do you feel that, Kiley?” “That’s your hymen that I’m pushing on.” My head popped up at this. “HEY, I want to see this, can I? huh, can I?”

I”d always thought of my vagina as very plain, just a “slit” with a tuft of blond hair at the top. everything interesting is inside the “slit”. But I must admit I am a really lovely shade of pink inside! Doc reached for a hand mirror and I was propped up on my elbows. It was a whole new world down there. WOW! He showed me how my hymen was just sort of a ring with a little hole in the center. He showed me how this ring of tough membrane blocked the entrance to my “vaginal tube” as he called it. He laughed and said there was a slight problem as it was a little tougher than usual. He had me reach down to feel it, so I would be familiar with it. I could just get the end of my finger thru the hole. It seemed rock solid to me. I asked Daddy to come and check it out. Doc gave him a pair of rubber gloves, and he sat down on the stool and leaned in. I felt his touch–and somehow it was exquisite! When Dad touched the lips of my vagina, spreading them wider, I felt moisture flowing–if I had been sitting up, it would have trickling down the crack of my ass!. It was terribly exciting and embarrassing at the same time Now Daddy and me have no secrets, even with him looking at my vagina, but somehow this new feeling of excitement when he touches me down there–well it really “bothers” me!

Later the three of us sat around and talked about the problem. Doc said my hymen was rather tough, had a circular shaped hole in the center about 13mm (I had to look that up, it’s about a half inch) and he said this elastisty problem would present a serious problem at first intercourse, as it was not the least fragile. He said he doubted very much an erect penis would be able to break it. He brought out a tray of—-“things” There were about 15 of them, tubes, about 7 inches long. They really looked liked hot dogs, except they were snow white and each one was larger than the next. The smallest was about a half inch, the largest about an inch and a half. They were rounded on the ends and very smooth and satiny feeling. Doc said they were dilators, used to enlarge an opening in the hymen. Believe it or not, Doc got beet red as he explained to me that I was to slide the tube “in and out” of my vagina, for at least an hour a day (or night) for a week. Then at the end of the week, I woulld use the next larger tube. He also gave me a bottle of lubricant that would make the job a whole lot easier. Yeah–right. I laughed and told them that for a job this size I would need both of them to help me do it. An embarrassing silence followed, till I said “Just joking,” and we all laughed till we hurt.

At home that evening, I laid a bath towel on my favorite chair, then I got the smallest dilator tube, and of course, the bottle of lubricant.–also a box of tissue, this could get messy. I turned on some neat music and sat down for the big show. That tube was COLD. I jumped up ran into the bathroom–naked, shoved Daddy aside without explination, and held the tube under the hot water till it was nice & warm. With Daddy still giving me a strange look I zipped back into my room and settled down. I lifted one leg and applied some lubricant. I rubbed it over the lips of my cunt—that felt good! I could get used to using this lubricant! Back to reality, I tenderly inserted the long tube, and while there was a slight “pull” , it went in, and when I pull out, there was the same slight “pull”. I tried sliding the tube in & out at different speeds, frankly, all felt good, but DAMN, healthy and athletic girl that I am, my arm and hand were soon redy to fall off. I discovered that the secret was to go ever so slowly. Not only did it conserve energy (mine), but it allowed me to dreamily enter into a sexy fantasy world. God, this has a whold new spin on it and it is going to be Fun Fun Fun!

Over the next few weeks I had more sexual fantasies than you can imagine–but I never really had an orgasm–sad but true. After the sixth or seventh week, I was slacking off–not doing my “homework” I often watch the tele in my nightie, and Daddy would bring out a towel, my lubricant and the dilator, and tell me, “Here young lady, do your thing, no ifs ands or butts”. So with him standing there watching me, I would hike up my nightie, apply some lubricant, make insertion, and slide away. I would often do it while we watched the tele, and I think I was making real progress. opening my hymen. Trouble was, I was simply getting tired of doing it! 15 weeks seemed like such a long time! I was talking to Daddy about it and told him ” This may be very beneficial for my vagina and all , but my hand will never make it for 15 frigging weeks Dad!” Well, let me tell you, I’ve got a great Dad, and he came thru for me, and got me out of a pickle!

We would sit in his easy chair, he would sit back with his legs apart, and I would sit between them, and just lean back against his chest with my legs spread. He had both his arms around me, and it was easy for him to reach down and slide the dilator in and out of my vagina—and he was willing to do this without complaining. In & out. In & Out. God I love this man. He would do anything for me–and does. I usually wear a robe, and as it’s open in the front during our “Throbbing” as he calls it, we just listen to music or talk. Since I am naked in front, he has one hand at my vagina, and quite naturally, his other hand just sort of wanders. Sometimes he rubs my tummy–my abdomen, or my shoulders, but that’s usually it. Of course my body is open to him–and he knows he’s welcome to touch me anywhere. I have absoluely no secrets from him—-or secret places!

Perhaps it was the robe hanging open, I don’t know, but of course my breasts were usually right out in plain sight. Anyhow the conversation (sexy) got onto breasts. Being newly age 13, my breasts are just slightly rounded. My nipples are about the size of a 10 cent piece, and very light pink. Well, I think they are too small for my age, and I was asking Daddy if he thought my breasts were too small. As always, he says that I’m still young, and they are going to develop into beautiful full breasts. So I ask him, “Would it help if you massaged them, would that help them develop faster, the way I excerise down at the gym to develop my muscles? That make sense, Daddy?” My Dad, great guy that he is, says, “Well, Sweetheart, let’s just give it a try and see what happens, maybe you have a winning idea there,”. So that evening we tried. It worked pretty good, but lacked something. Finally Daddy leaned over and applied some of my lubricant to my breasts. God–that was the ticket, just like the warm oil massages that Daddy gives me on the first of every month. Rather than get oil on my robe, I just took it off, and I left it off from then on. I’m much more comfortable in the nude. Actually I felt God awful sexy setting naked there with him. I just felt, well, “Aroused”, that’s the only word that fits! The oil on my breasts makes them slippery–easy for him to stroke them slowly and gently . Dad plays with the nipples, the oil makes them hard to hold. He would knead my breasts, not too hard–gently squeeze them, over and over and over again. At one point he laughs and says we should have taken photos of my breasts when we started, then again at the finish, so we could judge the results! I spend countless happy, dreamy hours laying naked in his arms as he caresses my cunt with the dilator and at the same time massages my tiny breasts–I’m in heaven. It’s a personal time for us, just the two of us–a good time to talk softly about sex. I want to know what it feels like to have intercourse, and as he carresses my breasts, he tries to describe it. Later, he tells me, “Kiley Sweetheart, I’ve been thinking about what you have been saying–I’m a good listener, and Honey I think I just may have the answer to your horney problem and all those frustrating questions about sex. Give me some time to work it out. Let’s set a date–Make it a present for your 14th birthday in July, How’s that sound?” I let out with a big whoop and even tho I’m buck naked and all gooey with lubricant, I run and jump on him, my arms and legs around him and giving him a “squeeze-him-to-death hug” just cause I’m so frigging happy!

To Be Continued

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