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Where it happened: Her apartment
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

To Brenda:

Of course I’ll never forget my first time. I was an eighteen-year-old virgin who had just graduated from high school several days before. Terribly shy with girls, I had yet to “go all the way” but had been close many times. I think I was just too nice of a guy to get laid. I never wanted to pressure any girl to do something she might regret. Also, the area I lived in was very conservative and because of my nice guy image I seemed to only attract Mormons and Good Christian girls much to my dismay.

It was Friday, May 27, 1977 and for some reason I did not have a date. I was going out with one girl on a regular basis, and I went out with quite a few others when I got a chance. So this night, one of those other girls gives me a call. I refer to her as Phyllis because that was her name. Phyllis had gone on several dates and I had got my hands under her shirt, but her pants seemed locked up tight. She asked me if had wanted to meet a friend of her named “Brenda.” Brenda was a 22-year-old single mom who worked as a teachers aid at my high school. Phyllis had told me that Brenda watched me in several of the school plays were I had featured roles and told me that Brenda thought I was “a fox.” (We used terms like that back then.)

People say a lot of things and I never paid much attention to Phyllis. Why would a school employee and “older woman” want to go out with me? However, Phyllis calls me up this night and asks me if I want to come over to Brenda’s house to meet her and hang out. I had nothing better to do and I jumped in my 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 and cruised over to Brenda’s cheap basement apartment.

When I arrived at Brenda’s there were two other girls there besides Brenda and Phyllis and I looked forward to an interesting evening. We all sat around on the floor drinking a little wine and talking. Brenda turned me on, but it seemed that I was there with Phyllis because I had been out with her before (and would go out with her again.) Phyllis and I were holding hands and goofing around, but the sparks were flying between Brenda and I. When a tickling match broke out between Phyllis and I, all the girls joined in to tickle, but it was Brenda whose touch I enjoyed the most.

Soon Phyllis was telling me that Brenda had a huge stolen traffic sign above her bed that just read “SLOW.” I was a virgin, but I wasn’t stupid – knew what that sign meant. I asked Brenda to show it to me and as soon as we were in her bedroom, I grabbed her and started making out. Wow! She smelled like sex and I wondered where this evening was going. The other girls started giggling about how long we were in the bedroom and how quiet we were. When we came out from the bedroom, it was obvious that I was with Brenda and not Phyllis. This is what Phyllis and Brenda had intended from the beginning as I soon realized.

At around midnight, the Phyllis and the girls start making noises about leaving. The girls smirked and smiled as they said goodbye because it was obvious that I was not going anywhere just yet. Once we were alone Brenda and I started making out hot and heavy. Usually Mr. Nice Guy would not try for first base until the date. (Is there any wonder why I was still a virgin?) This night I dove into Brenda’s bra right away and she moaned with pleasure. She responded by suddenly reaching into MY pants and playing with my rock hard 12-inch dick, and I knew something different was going happen THIS night. (Ok, I should tell the truth. It was rock hard, but it was an average 6 inches. Darn.)

Brenda soon asked me if I was a virgin and I quickly admitted that I was. This seemed to turn her on even more as she explained to me that we might wake up her kid in the bedroom, so it was best if we did it on the floor. Quickly we were on the floor and I was fingering her deeply. This was not my first time inside a girls pants, but instead of my tentative and inexpert rubbing on the outside of the pussy, I had my fingers deep inside her wet, hot cunt. I was in heaven and she told me that I “wasn’t doing anything wrong.”

She pulled me up on top of her and soon I was humping away, not believing that I was finally having sex. I might have lasted two minutes mostly because I was so awed by the experience or it would have been even quicker, I think. That first time was not the best orgasm I had ever had because I came too quickly and because of the strangeness of actually “doing it.” And I was sure that Brenda had not cum although she was not unhappy since she was thrilled to have taken my “cherry.” However I was a horny eighteen-year-old and I had no trouble getting another hard on within just few minutes. Ultimately we screwed ourselves silly all night as Brenda showed me the delights of sex. I was on top, then she was on top, then she blew me a little, then we did it in the bed and she did cum a few times in there. By morning my dick was sore, but I was happy.

I fell in love with Brenda that night and we fooled around all summer. It would not last. Naïve, romantic, and silly, I would have married her that summer. But, Brenda was not in the mood to be tied down to one male after her then recent divorce. I got married to another woman just six months later and I’m still married to her 24 years later and I’m more or less happy. I saw Brenda every few years after that and I fell in love with her again every time I saw her. I lost track of her about ten years ago.

So, Brenda in the unlikely event that you read this – give me a call. I still live in same area I used to and I’m in the phone book. Call me after 9:30 PST (when I can talk in private.) I still miss you.

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