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Boy Becomes Man

Where it happened: my apartment
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Category: Straight

Oh, that story Rode Him Hard (#28914) brought back great memories of my first time. I enjoyed losing my virginity to a younger boy just as much as she did. I was even older than her0 and had just moved out of my very strict home. I moved into an apartment with a friend. It was a small complex with about 10 units and a pool. After I settled in I noticed a young boy sunning himself by the pool. Oh, was he cute! Long blond hair, tan hard body and yes, he did look very young. I found out his name was Mike and he was but I knew I had to have him. I’ve always had a thing for younger boys but never, ever got to act on it.

Mike got that tan from spending a lot of time at the pool so he was easy to find. I started hanging out at the pool and got to know him. Plus I loved looking at him in just his swim suit. He was the only kid his age at the complex and had just moved from another town so he was very lonely and didn’t know anyone and his mom worked long hours. The only thing he really enjoyed doing was swimming.

Mike and I became friends quickly and spent a lot of time together, usually at the pool. Once when we were in the water I put my arms around him and gave him a kiss and told him what a good friend he was. He was kind of shy but his young body felt so nice to hold. I really did like him. So later I asked him if he wanted to be my boyfriend. He eagerly said yes but wondered what we were going to do. He was concerned because he couldn’t afford to take me on dates. I said that didn’t matter but there was something that he could do for me. He asked what and I said right out that I wanted to have sex with him. Well, Mike was both shocked and excited at the same time. I helped him along by rubbing my hands on his bare chest and thighs while I lowered my lips to his. With one hand still on his chest I took his hand and placed it on my breast. Then I dropped my hand down to his crotch and massaged the swelling bulge in his shorts. “Can we do it now” Mike asked and I said of course, yes.

The next few hours were a dream come true. I took a young boy to bed with me and he emerged a man. His hard little adolescent body brought me to orgasm more than once. He fucked with such youthful enthusiasm and his face was so cute each time he came inside of me. Between our fucks, I kissed, licked and explored almost every inch of his smooth, young teenage body. He, in turn, found many ways to pleasure me with his hands and mouth. I loved him so!

Mike’s mom disapproved of our relationship even though she was hardly home and she never found out about our sex. Meanwhile, Mike and I enjoyed each others bodies for about six months until his mom moved him to another state. We stay in contact through e-mail and Mike plans on visiting me when he gets his driver’s license next year. I told him to watch this site for my story, where I tell the world how much I love my little boy toy! Mike, I miss ya! You’re the best!!!

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