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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Pizza Delivery
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

When I was 17 I worked at Domino’s. One saturday night around
1:30 am, we got a call from some very horny girls asking for
a free pizza. They kept telling us they didn’t have money, but
they would share something else. We asked them how old they were
and they said that they were 16-18. About 30 min. later me and
Josh (16 yrs, another pizza boy from work) pulled up to the house.
A very young girl named Karen answered and invited us downstairs
When we got there, we found four girls of about 13-15 yrs old,
wearing shorts and tee-shirts(Karen, Linda, Sarah & Beth. We all sat down
in a circle and started eating pizza, when one of the girls asked if
we wanted to play truth-or-dare. We said ok and they set the rules.
We would all pick a card and the person with the highest card would ask
the person with the lowest card truth-or-dare. Karen won firstand Beth lost.
Beth took dare, and was asked to disrobe and show off her body. She did and
I must say Josh and I were quite impressed! She was nice and skinny with b-cups.
Next Sarah won and I lost. Dare! She asked me to pull out my dick and
beat off and cum on my stomach. I was already hard and pulled out my 5 1/2 in
rod. I started stroking and the girls started shouting. I finally came a huge
amount on myself, actually hitting all the way up to my neck. Josh won andBeth
lost again. Dare! He asked her to blow him, which she did until he spayed all
over her nice chest. Beth won and Linda lost. She dared Linda to get naked.
Linda was so hot! she had big tits and a hairy bush. I won and Sarah lost. The
time had come,and I was was going to dare her to fuck me, when she said TRUTH!
I asked her how many guys sh e had fucked and she saaid zero.

The night continued like this until all the girls had been sucked, liked and groped
and spooged on by me and Josh and we both had been sucked off by almost everybody.
We were about to leave (a little dissapointed that we hadn’t got laid, when Sarah
came up to me and invited me to her room. When we got there she took off all her
clothes and I did too. Next she nelt in front of me and started blowing me until I
was hard again. She told me that she really wanted to fuck me but not in front of
everybody. I spread her 14 year old legs apart and entered her very wet and swollen
pussy. It was the most incredible thing I had ever felt. I lasted all of about 5
min before I had a very powerful orgasm. Luckily (for both of us) she didn’t get

The next weekend we got a call from the same girls, having another pajama party.
Needless to say it was even more fun. And this time we brought condomes!

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