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Blind Date

Where it happened: closet!
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This is my story, but my boyfriend “Adam” and I, “Rachel” are writing it together since it’s really our story.
This all happened in 1993 when I and he 0.
Let me start from the beginning.
I was a freshman in highschool and nearly 14, he was in college, but we weren’t going out then, I like knew him but we never hung out or anything.
His sister “Jenny” who was a sophomore was having a party while their parents were away and he was home for the weekend.
It was kinda a make-out party off and on.
We were all freshmen and sophomores at a school in PV but there were more girls than guys, like 9 or 10 girls and 5 or 6 guys.
The guys were all pretty cute, most of them were in water polo and I think one was in cross country. [Adam’s note, those guys were jerks. All the girls were pretty hot, though, especially Ana and Rachel, they totally didn’t look like freshmen.]
We had the music going pretty loud and Adam kept asking us to keep it down since he was writing a paper.
It’s a pretty big house but we were pretty loud.
Well, we played spin the bottle and truth or dare and that was pretty cool.
We weren’t drinking or anything but some of us were horsing around a lot.
This girl Ana and this guy Steve were totally frenching every time they got each other.
Anyways, we did this one game Blind Date where the girls all went into one bedroom and all the guys went into another.
The bedrooms are on opposite ends of a long hallway upstairs with a big closet with sliding doors, a normal closet, and a small bathroom.
Two guys would split up into one of these rooms and put on a blindfold, then three girls would go into the hall, put on blindfolds and then go into a closet or the bathroom at random.
We did it this way because there were more girls than guys and took turns.
This way, the guys didn’t know which girl they were making out with and the girls didn’t know either and one girl was just shit out of luck.
Anyways the Blind Dates would make out for 3 minutes until someone yelled Time and then the girls would come out, the guys would come out, and the next group would go in.
So we did this a few times and it got pretty hot.
Me and the first guy (I still don’t know who it was) were totally frenching by like 30 s.
It didn’t take long before there was serious groping going on.
On my time the guy (I found out later it was Steve) pushed up my shirt and bra and sucked on my nipples pretty hard.
He did it alright and I was totally horny when Time was called.
I guess it was just really exciting and hot because we were blindfolded and it was totally dark and neither of us knew for sure who we were with.
It got pretty late and we changed it to 5 minutes and then 10, and the way some of the girls were blushing I knew they were messing around too.
I want to point out that most of us weren’t even like sluts or anything.
I mean, we all partied and stuff but you could tell the way we were all acting like we were cool that we all though this was pretty wild.
Well, the final round was for 20 minutes and I was up!
I picked the small closet because that was where I was last time.
I put on my blindfold and went in.
It was totally dark and since we weren’t supposed to talk I put my hands out.
I mean, it’s a small closet but I couldn’t find the guy!
Then I felt his hands on my waist, he drew me close and cupped my face in his hands and pulled off my blindfold.
It was totally dark in the closet and in the hall outside so I couldn’t see anything at all, but my knees shook when he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me softly.
It was a lot better being able to press our faces close together without the blindfolds getting in the way.
It got pretty hot pretty fast and I could tell he wasn’t wearing a blindfold either.
He was groping my back and my ass and my thighs and I stroked the front of his pants.
Ana said she had stoked her guy off last time and got cum on her sweater.
He pushed up my shirt and I could feel his hands cupping my breasts.
He flipped my bra up and started kissing the bottoms of my breasts.
God, I was getting so horny.
I wanted him to suck on my nipples and lick me so bad that when he finally did I swear I nearly fell down.
Then it just started happening really fast.
He pushed me against the wall and grinded against me.
I wrapped my legs around him as he held me up and we started kissing like crazy.
He let me back down and I unzipped and unbuttoned his pants and pulled his dick out of his boxers and started stroking him.
He put his hand under my skirt and pulled my panties to the side and started fingering me.
At first he just slid his finger up and down my pussy and I got really wet.
He slid a finger inside of and started finger fucking me, then he would tease my clit and then finger fuck me some more.
Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and started grinding against him and that’s when it happened.
He opened me up and pressed the tip of his penis against my wet pussy.
I could feel him start to penetrate me and I remember thinking, “Oh my god, what am I doing, what am I doing?” But by that time I was SO horny I didn’t care and I thrust back against him hard and I felt him penetrate me all the way.
Then we just fucked against the wall, trying not to be too loud, but it was hard to keep from moaning too much.
It hurt a lot at first, but then it just felt so good that I wanted it to go on forever.
Then he started fucking me faster and faster and before I knew it he had cum deep inside me.
I got pretty scared and started shaking but I put my clothes back on, and my blindfold back on and went out when time was called.
I was pretty freaked out and I could feel his cum oozing out of my pussy making my panties all sticky.
I was also pretty sore. But when I rejoined the others then I got really scared because I found out that the other two girls had been making out too, and one of us was supposed to be alone!
Well, I found out later that Adam knew we were playing Blind Date and jumped into the empty closet. [Adam’s note, in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t blindfolded and if I had gotten my sister I was going to yell Boo or something to scare the heck out of her.]
Things were pretty intense for the next few months.
I didn’t tell my parents and I didn’t call the cops and I didn’t get pregnant. (THANK GOD!!!)
We worked things out and not that many people found out.
The funny thing is, now that I’m in college Adam and I started going out and things are great.
We have sex like ALL the time [Adam’s note, in fact, we both got pretty horny writing this and had a fucking-break in the middle.] and we love each other very much. The End.

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