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Billy Goat

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Her Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

We were petting every night when we went steady for two years.
Each time she masturbated me and I stimulated her pussy from outside her panties,
she had the urge to fuvk but dare not say so. One night, she said, “break my hymen”,
I want to feel your cock inside me. We were both virgins, I have not seen a pussy up close.
She spread her legs wide and that was the first time I have seen a pussy up close.
I couldn’t find her entrance, she was tight and wet, I manage to find it and started to penetrate.
My cock penetrated only up to the head, she let off a cry of pain ^ pleasure. There was a
little bleeding. I stopped there, I did not pump her that night, we did not have our orgasm.
We then planned for a full fuck at the motel a month later. In her room it was too incovenient.
We booked the hotel for 2 full days. To plan for this trip, we bought 2 sexy lingere, transparent
bra ^ panties, 3 boxes of condoms in 12 nos. After we have checked in, we both bathe naked for the first time.
I carried her onto the bed, put on my condom and fucked her deep into her cunt for the first time.
This is where her cunt was officially opened all the way for intercourse. I came, claeaned my cock, put on
another condom and fucked her again. In a hour I fucked her 4 times. We then rested, had lucnch, rested for a
while by watching telly in the room. She started to have a urge, she wore her transparent yellow lingere, and
came to me and said, fuck me again. I put on my condom and then fucked her wet dripping pussy. We fucked 3 times in
the afternoon, went for dinner at 6pm, rested, started fucking at 8, fucked 3 more times until midnight and then fell asleep.
We slept, at 5am in the morning, I felt a hand at my cock stroking it, and I had an erection. She
was stroking it and told me that she wanted in inside her. I then took off all her lingere, she was naked underneath,
felt her pussy with my fingers,, it was dripping with cum, next, I put on my condom, put my cock in and
started to pump until we both had her orgasm. We never saw much of the hotel,
we fucked for 2 days and used about 40 condoms.We were not married then, for a vigin, being deflowered, I told her, she
was the best in sex. We are now married for 15 years, we have tried all the positions, sucked, used
vibrators and enjoyed all aspect of sex. But we can never forget the first sex we had.

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