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Age when it happend: 26
Where it happened: beach area
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

This was my first time to ever feel the “earth move” so to speak and finally understand what all the hoopla about sex was about.

I met Stan playing raquetball. Every week we played for an hour or so and would always go for something to eat afterwords then sit in the car and talk for hours. We were attracted to each other right after we first met and before long we were doing some heavy petting in the car. It was such a glorious feeling. All that deep kissing with our tongues and his kissing my neck made me so wet. He would kiss my breasts and then put his hand on my pussy through my panties and then at just the right moment reach in and put his fingers inside and move them around. I thought I had gone to heaven the sensation was so fantastic.

One day we finally got away for a weekend and went to the beach. Well, we never saw the outside because every time we started to leave the room one of us would throw the other on the bed and just a kiss would start the passion all over. Slowly we would tease each other through our clothes until we just couldn’t stand it anymore. There was a mirror by the bed and I was embarrassed but yet wanted to watch. It was so hot to see his hands all over my body and then when he was rock hard thrust inside me. Or when he would take his knee and put it between my legs and then slowly place his fingers inside my pussy causing me to moan and thrash about until I would come.

The strangest thing is we never could get enough. Every time was like the first and we couldn’t wait to meet and do it again. It was all we thought about when we were apart so just thinking about it was such a turn on. We parted ways but this truly was my “first time” to experience such great sex.

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