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back seat romp

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

My first time was in the back of a 57 chevy in my grandparents lot. They were still away for the winter and spring was early that year. I would take my dates over to there three acre lot in the country to make out in the car. On this particluar date my girls friend Lisa happened by on ur way to the lot. I was mad at first but then picked up some vibes that she would be an easy lay. She would walk right next to me and turn fast so her titties would rub against me. Then she would lick her lips and gaze at my dick. I saw my girl raise her eyebrows but she never said anything. It was a long walk back into the field where the car was kept. Lisa kept turning to me and rubbing against me. Finally, I gave her ass a hard fast slap and she yelped saying hhhmmmt hat flt great. I had only finger fucked my girl. I never got my ccok any further than peeking out the aipper of my pants. I was wishing I could get rid of my girl because I knew this girl wanted me. My cock started to grow bigger and bigger. It was obvious. My girl started imitating Lisa and now she was rubbing her titties against me. I said loudly, why don’t you girls take your shirts off and do that. I wasn’t expecting them to listen but dang they striped there shirts off. There titties were awesome. We were almost at the car. At one point when Lisa swung her titts at me I stopped and grabbed thm both and just went to town frrling those titties up right in front of my girl. I got a handful and my girl came up behind me and started squeezing my ass while i feeling Lis up. I quickly slipped my hands into Lisa’s pants and started rubbing that horny cunt. She was so wet. I wanted to ball that pussy right there. I wanted to push her to the ground and fuck her hard like a man. I wanted to flip her ass over and fuck her and spank her and stick my cock in the horny ass of hers. I was too shy thought. But the girls had other ideas. We got into the car and they stripped nakad. One girl got in the front seat and the other in the back and they strated saying sexy things to me. Obe said come her Billy and lick my cunt until I cum. So I put those legs spread against the window and licked her pusssy. One girl liked to get hand spanked over the knee so she would say, Billy come here and sponk my ass. So I would go to her and put that pussy over my knee and spank her ten or twelve times. I fucked these girls all nite long. At the end of the nite I had both of them bent over the hood of the car. I fucked one and sponked the other. I fucked them until 4 in the morning. These girls sucked my cock until I had no cum left in me. The one girl had my hand print on her ass for days. Now I call my girl and say can Lisa come and they meet me at the car butt nakad. We do this thing where I get to be the boss. They do what I say when I say it. If I want one over the hood, she leans over it and waits. One day I fingerfucked my girl in the front seat while the other girl stood outside and I fingefucked her pussy until she came thru the window. Once in awhile I spank them the whole nite so they know they better keep fucking me. That was last nite. I bent them over the hood and whipped them both and then I sent them home without fucking them. Now we are going to fuck tonite and you can bet they will do what I ask and they will bare there nakad asses for a good hard butt whipping and then my cock is going to get a good fucking all nite from these horny girls. Sometimes I just eat there pussies and then fuck them the nxt nite. Or I will just fingerbang them. They love my cock the best. They sure know how to spread there legs and get fucked.

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