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Babysitter Dreams Come True

Where it happened: Home Sweet Home
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Category: Straight

I have ALWAYS fantasized about my maid at home, but I never would’ve guessed that she would be the one to take my virginity away…this is my story.
Over the years, I’ve learned to jack off, and Susan (diff name) would often by the star of my dreams. She’s a little plump, in her mid-thirties, and filipino. Her tits are probably 36C’s, so they’re not too bad at all to stare at. One way or another, she always seemed to have this effect on me, and I was always turned on.
Since my parents often went on business trips, I would be home alone with Susan. She would spend time with me, and we would joke around and stuff. She was very ticklish, so I always took the chance to poke at her, get to touch her, and make her laugh. I would always have a hard-on, and have to “excuse” myself in order to jackoff. Anyways, we became more and more open with each other over the years…
Finally, one long weekend, my parents left the city again. I had no plans with my friends, and the teachers felt like being nice, so i was stuck at home with nothing much to do. Susan walks into my room, wearing this pinkish skimpy shirt, and shorts, which she wore as her PJ’s. She came over to my computer, and started to check her email. She stood right next to me, and because she was leaning over, her breasts were right in front of my face. I silintly gulped, and tried to peek inside her night shirt to get a better *view*. I could see the top half of her tits, but I really wanted to get a full look. I keep peeking and peeking, until finally she looked over at me, and traced my eyes to her breasts. She jumped out, and covered herself. You should’ve seen my face, I was bright red, full of embarressment. Nothing like this had ever happened before! She silently left my room, and I just sat there…motionless. I figured I had better appologize, so I went over to her room, and noticed her door wasn’t closed, so I walked in. There she was, with no clothes on at all, COMPLETELY naked. She didn’t notice me come in, and I was maveling at her ass that faced me. I guess I must have breathed a little hard, because she suddenly turned around, shocked to see me in her room! Especially when she was naked! I figured I had nothing to lose, so i told her “Susan, you’re beautiful. your body is so pretty, and to tell you the truth, i want to fuck your brains out!” She just stood there, and the silence was deafening. Finally she muttered “This is crazy. I’m in love with my employer’s son. I haven’t had sex in a year…shit…but this isn’t right…”
“oh yes it is susan, please, let me do this for you..” i couldn’t believe i was saying this. words just kept flowing out of my mouth as i pleaded her to let me have her. finally, i couldn’t resist, i grabbed her waist, and puller her close to me. her breasts were squashed against my chest, and they felt so huge! I pulled back, looked into her eyes, and i kissed her. SHE KISSED ME BACK! wow, i slapped myself, to make sure i wasn’t dreaming. I sure wasn’t. I lowerd my head to her breasts, and began to suck on them. Her head tilted back, and she moaned with pleasure. My hands slipped down to her crotch as i began to finger her. She started trembling, and she told me to stop. I was confused, but she smiled, lay on the bed, and told me to take my clothes off. That was done in NO time! I sat on top of her, and lowered my head to her pussy. Wow, it was such a sweet smel. I licked her pubic hair, and started to finger her pussy. IT WAS TIGHT! i stuck my tongue in there, and she moaned so loud, im sure our neighbors heard it. i licked faster and faster, sucking her pussy, she kept moaning and screaming..telling me not to stop. i keep feel her buck under me as she spasmed..i had gotten her to climax. she just smiled, and told me it was my turn.
i lay down this time, and she lowered her head to my 8″ cock. It was harder than it had ever been before. she took it in her mouth, and it was better than anythign i had felt before. she sucked it, licked it, kissed it and did evreything you could with your mouth (excpet bite it off), until i came in her mouth. she swallowed it all, and kissed me so i could taste some of my own cum. She sucked me until i was hard again, and told me to fuck her. I asked if i needed protection, but she didnt care. she just wanted to fuck. i had no objections, so she lowered me into her after i lay ontop of her. I slowly stuck it into her, and she started to scream in pain. I pulled back, but she told me not to stop. Was she a virgin? no way! I went deeper, and the feeling on my cock was too amazing! I pulled back out, and thrust myself into her. she SCREAMED!! then i felt something break, and i knew i had taken HER viginity away. It was so weird. I started pumping faster, and she matched my rythm. “FUCK ME HARDER…FASTER!!” she kept screaming …”OH YES! OH YES! IM COMINGGGGGGGGGGG” i was too. i thought she wanted me to pull out, but her legs that were wrapped around my back wouldn’t let go, so i gave ONE LAST THRUST, and all the cum in the world entered her sweet pussy. I wouldn’t believe if she didn’t get pregnant ther was so much sperm! We were both sweating like pigs, but fucking happy as well. I had lost my virginity to a bitch of an angel, and I was to do it over and over again with her all around the house.

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