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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: Boyfriends apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My boyfriend and i had been dating for about a year and things between us early on had been sexual. But i wanted to wait in fear of what it felt like. It was the summer of my sophomre year at high school and i was leaving going to Australia with my stepbrother and he was going to Korea to visit family. It was on july 4 and i went over to his house to watch to fireworks. I could feel Min, my boyfriend getting hard as i sat between his legs so I started rubbing my hands against his jeans and teasingly kissing him on the face. He returned action by pinning me to the roof and undressing me afraid of falling of the roof we went inside the house. His parents were not home so we went into his home and i started to stip i was left in a matching bra and bikini from victoria secret(bought especially for that evening) I started to undress me until he was naked. i kissed him on the mouth and started moving my tongue down his body until I reached his 9 inch dick which was very hard
i started at the bottom and spiraled my way to the top and continue the pattern three more times counterclockwise. I stopped while he pre-ejactulated in my mouth. He started to rise to kiss me when he ejactulated all over me. I went into the shower and he followed me and fingered me while we were the shower. When we came out of the bathroom he lowed me on the bed and started kissing my nipples making them hard and fingering me at the same time. Making me shiver he then fingered my breast and started to eat me. I came it was great. We fall on the floor and started kissing I was giving him a hand job when he started to breast fuck me and he covered my face with his cum. He then forced all his penis in my face and he started fisting me. We both organsimed. and laid next to each other. He stared sucking my breast and he got on top of me and asked he could take my virginity. I said yes and he started rubbing his penis against my shaved pussy. He first anal fucked me and i could feel him cumming in me. He then entered my vagina and me took my virginity. It was the must amazing night we ever spent together. He told me i gave him the best blowjob he ever had.

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