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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Toronto, Canada
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I got off the bus late in Toronto. My friends were supposed to meet me at the bus station; either they were late or early-I didn’t know which.
I waited there alone. I was getting afraid, because there were fewer and fewer people around, and it was the first time ever in a major city.
A young man pulled up in a car with one of my girfriends, finally. He put my suitcase in the trunk, and opened the door for me. “Hi”, he spoke softly, “my name is Gregg”.
“I’m Anya”, I replied. Turning to my girlfriend, I asked, “is this your boyfriend?” She smiled and said, “No, but he’s yours for the night”, and gave him directions and a name of a hotel.

I was shocked, and a little angry. I’d been on a bus for six hours, was hungry and tired. I was about to turn and let her have it verbally when the car pulled over, and she got out. She said, “I’ll see you in the morning, maybe”, grinned and turned to get in her car.
I turned to Gregg and told him to take me back to the bus station, to leave me alone, and began to cry. I figured this was all a rotten joke, or someone’s idea of a good time, but I knew, at that momemnt, it was not mine.

Gregg pulled over and asked, “May I offer you dinner?” I looked into a pair of friendly blue-green eyes and a smiling, rugged face. I felt strange somehow, like I had met him before. I agreed to go to dinner.

We ate and talked, until the restaurant closed. He was handsome(6 feet one, black hair, tanned lightly) and well-spoken. It must have been the wine, bacause I could feel my self and my body becoming attracted to him; even though i really had not known him at all.
He took me to the hotel my girlfriend had suggesed, we entered together. He bought a room, a suite, on the top floor. He opened the door towards a huge set of rooms with a view of the city, kitchen, bathroom with jacuzzi and other amazing things this litle country girl had never seen before.

I turned to speak, and Gregg put a finger to my lips. “Don’t speak”, he murmured, “just enjoy who and where we are now”. He kissed me tenderly, nibbling my neck and lower lip. I dropped my purse and retruned the kiss, my hands shaking and mouth opening slightly. He began to use his tongue inside my mouth and gently started running his fingers over my breasts across the fabric of my blouse. I moaned softly at each touch, feeling sweat trickling down my back and a strong rise from Gregg in front of my pants. I had never felt anything like this before, parts of my body hot, then cold, dry then wet.
He began undoing the buttons of my blouse and pants in the front. I was gasping for breath, calling his name. Quickly, in one motion, I was naked from the waist, his hot hands rubbing me around and inside my legs. Gently but firmly pressing against the wall by the windows, Gregg began using his strong tongue on my mound, poking and prodding around my pussy. My breathing was coming in shuddering gasps, his hands flicking and twisting my nipples under my loosened brassiere. I began to hold his head at my hot, wet clit; alternating between telling him “Stop” and moaning for him to “Lick me, suck it, make it, DO IT!” I’m screaming as his tongue finds my insides. He uses his massive fingers to spread me, and his tongure and teeth to start sucking a blowing on my cunt, all the while talking and moaning to me.
My fingers find his zipper, I open him and strip me rapidly; ripping the button offhis shirt and removing his t-shirt.
I slide down the wall, his face deep in my wet pussy. My nails are grabbing at his shoulders, chest, and ass as his lips, teeth and tongue are riding me, biting and sucking the juice out of me. I feel his penis, heavy and raw, against my butt, rising to enter my virgin ass. “Oh, Gregg, God, GregG, God, GoD GREGG, GODD, PLEASE, GREGG-YES. . .I’m wailing, crying, flowing with my own cum and sweat. Balancing me with one knee, he’s penis, rock-hard and wet enters me while his face is eating my sore pussy alive. I can’t feel my cunt, it’s roughened and wet. His face comes up, and lifting my legs slightly, drives his tool home. He and I yell: we’re both tight and he moves forward and I move in towards him. “Do you want me”, he husks, his lips and face glistening with my love-fuzz and sweat. Gregg then slightly retreats out of my ass; I can feel his balls and the hair on the back of his one hand as he begins rubbing me front to back, back to front. I begin to shudder and cry, moan and scream his name. . .”Gregg, fuck me, fuck ME, FUCK ME!” Never have I felt anything like this!
His cum shoots all over me, the wall and fills me front to back. His thumb is manipulating my clit like a drill, and I fall on his hand, shuddering.
He pulls out, and sits on the floor, with me in his arms. He begins to kiss and tease me, and I bring my hot legs aound him, my fingers lost in the hair aound both of his “heads”. “We have a week”, he says.” I kiss him passionately, saying “Thank God, I need everything that you can give me!” Tears ran down both our faces then, and a week later, when I became his wife.

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