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Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: Frat Party
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

It was my first semester of college. A couple of friends and I got invited to a frat party on Saturday night after the first home football game. My boyfriend was suppose to come to town but at the last minute he had to work so the three of us decided to go to the party. When we got there everyone was drinking. I had not had much experience in the drinking department, just a few beers here and there. I had acouple of beers then a group of guys started talking to us and offered us mixed drinks. They fixed me a vodka and orange juice which tasted good and wasn’t to strong. I drank about three before I realized that I was getting very drunk. My two friends came over and said that they were going down the street with a couple of the guys to another party and wanted to know if I wanted to go. The gang I was talking to ask me to stay and since I was pretty drunk and didn’t want to walk anywhere I decided to stay. We were standing near a hallway and shortly after my friends left one of the guys grabbed me, put his hand over my mouth and pulled me down the hall to a bedroom. When he laid me down on the bed I noticed that there were several guys in the room. The guy told me he was going to take his hand off my mouth but not to yell and they wouldn’t hurt me. The guy who had pulled me down the hall took both of my wrist and held my arms down on the bed above my head. Another guy went up my skirt and started pulling my panties off. I struggled to get loose and the guy told me to just relax. I knew I couldn’t get away because there were so many of them. I was very scared and crying and I told them that I had never had sex and didn’t want to. That just seemed to encourage them and one of the guys said he had never had a virgin and wanted to be first. When I heard that I tried again to get up but a couple of them grabbed each of my knees and spread my legs apart and I knew I was in trouble. I raised my head up and looked down to see one of the guys letting his pant down. I pleaded with him not to do anything but he stepped out of his pants, took his shorts off and moved up between my legs. He started fingering me and even though I wasn’t wanting to have sex I still got wet. I could tell he was getting ready do something so I looked down again and noticed that he didn’t have a condom on. I ask him to at least use protection but he ignored my request, took my virginity and came in me. Before it was over several of the guys had their way. One of the guys had them turn me over so he could do it doggey style and I actually got horney because the tip of his penis kept hitting a sensitive spot inside me. Other than that it was a ral nightmare. When they finished I went to the restroom and I had cum everywhere. I cleaned up and when my friends got back I didn’t say a thing about what had happened for fear that they would do something to me. I just knew that as many of them that did it without condoms that I was going to be knocked up, but thank goodness that didn’t happen.

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