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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: beach
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

I had been masturbating myself since I was 12…I’ve always had very strong sexual desires but I had been taught that the right thing to do was wait until marriage. When I was 14 I fell for a 20 year old guy…he made me so hot!!! He taught me so many ways of satisfying myself and him without having intercourse. He taught me how to hand fuck his cock, slow and easy until his cum would shoot out and drip all over my hand. He was very patient with me, teaching me how to suck dick and really enjoy it. He was very proud of the way I could deep throat his 8″ cock down my throat and gobble down his hot cum. He showed me how to finger fuck myself to get off and I would cum really hard and wet on two fingers in my tight pussy. He liked to sit me on a picnic table, pull my panties off and put his head under my skirt and suck my pussy til I creamed all over his face. I loved the feel of his tongue licking in and out my tight hole and when he knew I was close he’d suck on nibble on my clit til I would scream.
He was always trying to put his cock in my virgin hole, but I kept saying no, until when summer night at the beach. It was a cool evening and we started in the car. He worked my swollen tits long and hard with his fingers and lips as I stroked his big hard cock with my hand. I’m very good with hand jobs and it wasn’t long before his cum was shooting out of his prick and dripping all over my hand. He pushed my face down and made me lick it all up. I pretended to be upset but I really love the taste of warm sticky cum. He wanted to watch me finger myself so I pulled my shorts down and my panties and started finger fucking my tight little pussy. I get really wet when I’m hot and my fingers were squishing in and out of my hot cunt.
Usually I would cum pretty fast and then he’d suck the cum from my pussy, but this night I couldn’t cum no matter what I did. I tried sticking three fingers up my cunt, I flicked my clit with my tongue, I was stroking hard and fast and so close but I couldnt cum. I began to cry and he took me in his arms and held me close. “You need cock, baby,” he said. I hesitated, but knew he was right. His cock was standing up hard in his lap and picked me up and set me down with my pussy resting on his swollen dick head. I was so scared, but the ache in my pussy made me press down hard. I could feel my cherry pop hard as his cock pressed inside my tight cunt hole. It hurt for a minute and I cried out,but then his dick felt so good inside me that I hugged him and started riding his cock good and hard. I bounced up and down on his lap thinking how much better cock was than fingers in my pussy. When he felt me start to cum he thrust up hard and deep making me cry out. I came hard and wet all over his cock and was rewarded by the feel of hot cock cum filling my hole.
We kissed for a while and then he fucked my cunt again, hard and fast until I came and begged him to stop. Then I sucked his cock dripping with my cunt juice til he came deep down my throat. I begged him to fuck me again, but he was afraid of making me too sore. He promised me the next night he would fuck me even harder and if I was a good girl he’d let me take his cock in my ass. I’ve loved fucking ever since.

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