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Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: My House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It was last year at my house during the holiday. My family were not in during that holiday, while my siblings were visiting my relatives. I invite my boyfriend that night. I was not planning to have sex earlier, but then after dinner, it seems there is changed on our plan to watch some movies. When i was taking shower, he grabbed my tits from behind and began to massaged them vigorously. I told him to stopped, but he started to kissed my neck and one of his hand had started going lower to my vagina and rubbed on its lips. I wanted to stopped him but instead i let out a loud moan and gasps with pleasure. He carried me to my bedroom and lied me on my bed. He took off his clothes off himselves. It happened so fast by the next minutes he already working on me again. His hands is fondling my 34B boobs and start to sucked my nipples. I groan and moan with pleasure. He kissed me on my lips and our tounges is swirlin together. His hand could not stop and he started to rubbed on my vagina lips and slid in his finger so deep inside my pussy. I just enjoyed what he did to me, and he took my hand and bring it near his big cock and he look at me with naughty look. I turned him over, so i was on top of him by now. I kissed him all over his body, and went lower and lower. When my mouth met his big cock, i sucked it before i deepthroat his 18cm penis.
He could not hold it any longer so he pushed me back, and licked my vagina, and sucked my clitoris hard.
“Ohhh…. harder, baby… harder!” I moaned even louder. But,when he wanted to entered my body, i stopped him, because i scared it will hurt as this is my first time.
“Don’t worry, baby! I love you! I won’t do anything that hurt you!” he assured me. So I give in. His 6cm diametered cock is fully erected, as i lead his cock to my vagina.
“You are so tight!” He said to me as he tried to push his big erected cock deeper in.
He started to hump me hard. He went deeper each time he push his cock harder into my vagina. He pump me for about 20 minutes before he comes. I had come twice before we finally comed together. We still make loved everytime we meet, and I just loved him even more.

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