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Age when it happend:

Where it happened: down by the lake
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

My name is Amy and I’m 13 years old and live on a farm in Tennessee. Living so far out of town, you have to be friends with all the neighbors or you will be quite lonely. My neighbor friend was Sean and he was 17 and well built and popular with the girls. I often ran into him at the lake that was about a half mile from our house. We only had to cross the back pastures and cut through the woods to get there.
One day as I was swimming in the lake, Sean arrived and asked “how is the water”? I called out that it was very refreshing, come on in. He hollered back that he had not brought his suit as was only taking a walk. We talked for a while and I saw that he was beginning to perspire. “I’ll turn away if you want to take off your clothes and go skinny dipping”, I said. “Are you sure it’s alright”, he asked. Whe I assured him is was, and turned my back, he stripped down and came into the water.
We played and splashed in the water for a few minutes and then we just paddled around and talked about what I had been doing. While takling and looking down in the water, I could see that his penis was erect and standing up against his belly. I wondered what it would feel like to have his cock inside my pussy which tingled at the thought. I knew I was ready to lose my cherry but I was afraid of the pain that I had been told about.
I delibertly allowed myself to drift in Sean’s direction until we were only inches apart. When we moved,I let my legs brush against his huge cock. I hoped he didn’t realize that I had purposely touched him. I tried to figure a way to have him grab on to me and then I splashed water in his face and he spashed water in mine. We laughed and splashed and then he put his arms around my chest and pulled me against his body. I could feel his hard cock as it pressed against my little ass. I was very tirned on as he began to nuzzle against my neck an kiss my ears. He appoligized for his erection but said that it was my faulf for being such a fox. I said that is was alright, and that I thought he was a hunk himself.
Soon, I felt his hands as he untied my top and slipped if off. He cupped my tiny tits and his fingers kneaded the nipples until they ached from the stiffness.
My hands were just as busy, as I had reached back and grasped his cock and rubbed the huge head between my thumb and forefinger. Occasionaly, I stroked his long shaft and I heard him gasp.
Again his hands were on the move as he ran his hands over my slim flat belly and over my ass cheeks. His hands searched the sides of my suit for the strings and soon I felt the bottoms slip away from my body. Now he was free to explore my soft underbelly and he ran his fingers through the the small growth of hair that adorned the top of my virgin pussy. I could feel his cock against the crack of my ass as he continued to explore my body feel all of of my openings. He ran his finger up and down my slit and pressed against my tiny clit. I thought I would cum when he rubbed my clit in tiny circles. I just moaned and stroked his cock faster. Sean told me to slow down so he wouldn’t cum to fast himself.
I felt his arms under my hips as he picked me up and carried me to shore and placed me in a hidden place in the tall sage grass. The grass was warm against my bottom as he lay down beside me and lowered his head and began to kiss my inner thighs as he moved upward towards my aching pussy that now was in need of some attention. When he pushed my legs apart in order for him to eat my pussy, I thought I would faint. His tongue slipped into me and I instinctively spread myself as much as possible. He pushed his tongue in and out as he tasted my juices which were now flowing freely. My hands were on the back of his head as I tried to push his tongue deeper into my aching cunt. My hips bucked against his face as I felt my body wracked by my first ever orgasm. Sean continued to probe my pussy with his tongue until the powerful orgasm subsided. I felt great and lay back to enjoy the feeling, but Sean was not finished just yet.
I felt Sean kiss my belly and move up to my nech again. Soon he was laying between my wide spread legs and I could feel his huge cock as it pressed against my left leg. I knew that Sean was going to put his cock into my vagina and fuck me. I was a little afraid, and I told him to be gentle with me as I was a virgin. He said he would take care of me, and that I should just relax. He hooked his arms under my widespread legs and pulled them up into the air as he moved over me. I felt the huge cockhead as he rubbed it in my wetness. He placed his cock against my pussy and pushed about a inch into me. Hea asked me if I was Ok, and I said that I was. Slowly he pushed another inch or so into my dripping cunt. Now I felt a tightness that blocked his cokc. I knew this was my cherry. He told me that it might hurt a little but he would try to get it over with quick and then it would feel good and never hurt again.
Just as I relaxed, Sean thrust the remaining 6 inches of his big, wide cock into my pussy. I could feel his massive balls as they slapped against my ass. I screamed for him to stop and he did but he did not pull his cock out of my injured pussy. I knew I was bleeding because I could feel the blood as it trickled down the cheeks of my ass which was clinched around the massive pole that impaled me. I cried and begged for him to take it out but he just laughed and began to pump his blood streaked prick in and out of me. About five minutes later, he picked up the pace and now that the pain had subsided I could feel an intense pleasure building up deep within my body. Sean was now pounding his long, wide cock in and out of my pussy at a faster pace and I was responding by thrusting my hips up to match his every thrust. Suddenly, Sean pushed himself deeply into me and grunted, “I’m going to cum”. I felt my organsm begin and I pressed back and tried to rub my clit against his cock. All of a sudden, I felt his cock throb inside of me and felt his hot cum as he exploded in my pussy. He must have shot a pint of his cum into me and soon it began to leak out around the base of his cock which was still pressed into me.
Losing my virginity this way was very exciting and Sean and I still meet at the lake and fuck on a regular basis, now that I’m on the pill.

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