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All tied up

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Her Basement
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

One night I went over to her house to watch a movie she had rented, her parents had gone away on a second honeymoon, and she was home alone. In her basement there was a den, with a huge TV and surround sound. There was also a big door near the back of the room, I had no idea what was behind it, yet. She let me in the house, we got a few snacks, and some drinks, and then went down there to watch the movie. We sat down on the couch, and she put the movie in the VCR. She said “before we watch the movie there is something I want to show you, but first put this on.” She handed me a blindfold. We got up, I put it on, and she led me to the big door. She opened it, lead me through, and it sounded like she locked it behind us. She took the blindfold off, I looked around, there were all sorts of what appeared to be torture devices lying around, includeing a rack, and three metal cages, of diffrent shapes. My parents come down here and spend almost every night, taking turns at who gets to be the Dungeon Keeper. They kept the door locked so that I wouldnt find out. But after awhile I started to notice, and finally got one of the keys and ahd it copied while they were away once. I said to her “what are we going to do in here.” She said, were not going to do anything, but you are going to get into that steel cage over there, naked. I said, “You cant be serious.” She said “Yes I am.” The cage was the shape of a human body, and it had a door at the back, but didnt have a head on it, just a hole for the head. I stripped naked, thinking “well, what could be the worst that would happen.” I stepped in, putting my hands out the arm holes, she came up behind me and closed the door, and then put three locks on it. She then put the keys in a time lock safe over by the wall. She picked up what looked like a mask with a bright red ball, I pleaded with her not to put it on me, but she said “you will thank me when this is over,” and put it on my head. I later found out it was called a ball gag. She then left me there overnight, and came back in in the morning, she let me out, and then tied me to the rack, and we had sex for four hours.

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