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A visit to remember!

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Orthodontist
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was 12 when I first visited the orthodontist and had just begun to feel a real attraction to the opposite sex. I liked 3 of the nurses there, but one really stood out to me. She looked to be in her 20’s, and as I was only 12 and knew I wouldn’t have a chance of ever getting with her. She was about my height, shortish dark brown hair, and the most wonderfully perfect body. She had nice sized firm breasts, as much as I would have liked them to be bigger, they were big enough, she also had a nice firm curved ass. She always wore the same thing, because that is the uniform, but it was great. Her uniform was a patterned partially see through silk blouse and a rather short dark blue skirt and dark tights which showed the every curve of her luscious legs. Usually she wore a g-string and bra underneath but there were occasions where she didn’t wear a bra and times where she didn’t wear a g-string and I suspect there were time she didn’t wear any underwear at all. I always knew when she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were always clearly pressing through the thin blouse.
I continued visiting the orthodontist for another few years, when I began finding myself in rather serious conversations with her. Still only being 15 I didn’t like my chances, then one day I was lying back in the chair as usual talking with her when she asked me what I think of her, being the young inexperienced person I was, I said “I think you are a very nice person” or something along those lines, she looked across at me in surprise and said something like, “I mean what do you think of me to look at?”. I was shocked when I realised what she meant and replied that I thought she was very sexy and that I had been in love with her since I first saw her. She walked over to me with a smile, leaned over me and began kissing me. As she was leaning over I could see down her blouse to her breasts, which were just hanging there, supported only by her black lace bra, which made me became instantly erect. I almost exploded in my pants when she put her hand over my cock and began stroking it though my pants. As I moved my hands up and began caressing her breasts, she suddenly jumped back, I wondered what I had done wrong, but then the orthodontist walked in and I knew that must have been the reason. Every time I looked at her she would give me this lustful smile. As I left she sneakily handed me a card, I put it in my pocket and left. When I got home I read it, it was an appointment card, she had written although it wasn’t for an orthodontic appointment, it was an appointment with her for which she had written her phone number and address on.
I waited until everyone in the house was asleep before I called her, we talked for about 2 hours and decided to meet at the orthodontists after hours, we chose this over her house as it was more adventurous and different. We organised it to be on Saturday night so the next day I told my parents I was going out to a party on Saturday night and got my friend to cover for me. I had to wait 2 days until the big night. I lay in bed at night each night wondering how far I would get, I guessed I would get a good feel up of her, a kiss and at the most I may get to finger her. I dreamt about her every night.
The night finally came, I arrived at 7:50pm, 10 minutes early and walked around to the back door, to my surprise it opened and she said come in. As soon as the door closed behind me she locked it and embraced me and we gave each other a long luscious kiss, we had our hands all over each other, it was wonderful, a dream come true. After a while we stopped and walked through to the surgery where she told me to sit down on the chair and make myself comfortable. So I did and almost instantly she leaned over, embraced me and we began kissing, it was a long wet kiss, it was wonderful. She was wearing her usual uniform, which I loved. She then got up on the chair with me as I lay back, she knelt over me with her knees on either side of me and her pussy directly above my cock, which was already erect. I put my hands on her breasts and gently caressed them, it was wonderful, then I slowly unbuttoned her thin silk blouse to reveal her breasts right in front of my face covered only by a small, thin, black lace bra which didn’t cover much of them, they were kind of bulging out the top, I put my arms around her kissing her gently between her breasts and unclipped the bra which dropped to the floor with the blouse. She leant over slightly as I caressed the fullness of her breasts and licked and sucked the nipples until they became rock hard. She then quickly took my shirt off and ran her hands over my chest. I decided to try my luck and put one hand on her ass and the other up her skirt and onto to her vagina. She was wearing underwear and tights so I eased my hand behind them just enough to get my hand in to finger her pussy. I could feel she was hot and wet, as I plunged my finger deeper into her cunt, she moaned slightly. She put her hand on my cock which was now huge, erect and throbbing and caressed it gently through my pants for a little while and then she quickly removed my pants and boxers, so as I was completely naked. She leaned right over me, took my penis in her hands, then guided it gently deep into her mouth, she began giving me a blow-job, my cock was throbbing and ready to explode, I held on as long as I could until I came in her mouth, she swallowed it all and licked my cock clean. I then removed her tights and underwear which turned out to be a g-string. I then plunged my fingers back into her hot, wet vagina, as she began running her hands all over my body, I then took my hands from under her skirt and removed her skirt. We were both now completely naked, she was kneeling over me, so I put my hands on her firm ass, caressing slowly and guided her down slowly towards me until the tip of my huge throbbing cock which was pointing straight up was gently resting on her hot, wet pussy. She took the shaft of my throbbing penis and slowly guided it deep into her vagina, it was the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. We then tightly embraced each other, her breasts tightly pressed against my chest, she began slowly moving her body up and down on my cock. I began doing the same, as she moaned out of pleasure, I took one hand and ran it down her back, over her beautiful firm ass, and under until I came to her rock hard clit, which I ran my fingers across and stroked, she moaned even more and asked me to thrust my cock deeper into her, so we rolled over, so as I was on top and I thrust it as deep as I could into her, my cock exploded as I came deep, deep inside her, she moaned louder and louder, her vagina began having muscle spasms where it tightened around my penis, it was rather enjoyable, I continued to thrust deep inside her until she had an almighty orgasm, and then I came again, and we rolled over again so she was on top.
We just lay there for a while, kissing and running our hands over each others slightly sweaty bodies. Eventually we sat up, I was sitting upright in the chair with her sitting open legged across me, my penis still in her vagina. After a while of more kissing I removed my now partially limp penis, from her vagina. She asked me if I wanted more, naturally I said yes, so she took my slightly limp penis in her hands, leant over and began jerking and sucking it until it was erect again, she continued until I came in her mouth. She took my throbbing cock out of her mouth and continued jerking it, as she guided it gently into her hot, wet pussy. I licked and sucked her erect nipples as I thrust my cock deep into her, she moved back and forward on it as well. I put my hands on her perfect firm ass and moved her forward and backwards on my throbbing cock, once again she didn’t spare any of my shaft using every part of it right to the balls, which she loved to play with in her hands. I then layed back and rolled her over so I was on top and thrust my throbbing cock deeper than ever before into her cunt which was once again having those muscle spasms of an orgasm, she moaned louder and louder again and then we both moaned loudly as she had an orgasm at the same time I came in her, this felt incredible. To my surprise she didn’t stop or even slow, she rolled over again so she was on top and began moving very quickly up and down on my cock, she moaned for more so I thrust and thrust, deeper and deeper inside her , until I came and eventually she had another orgasm. We just lay there exhausted, once we had regained some energy and sat up, I removed my completely limp penis from her vagina. She put her arms around me and we kissed for what seemed an eternity. We once again ran our hands over each others body as we kissed, I don’t think there was a part of her body I didn’t feel and kiss several times, and there certainly wasn’t a part of my body she didn’t feel and kiss on several occasions.
We dressed each other, cleaned up the body fluids which were all over the chair and left. We still meet quite often and have sex, it is always great. Very recently we decided to begin a more serious relationship and know go out and do other things like, going to dinner or the movies. She always looks great, and what ever we do usually results in sex.

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